Being a beauty blogger comes with its own sets of pros and cons. You enjoy sharing your love and knowledge about makeup with others out there, but on the other hand, there’s this constant pressure to look a certain way. The worst part? People start assuming you look the same beneath those layers of makeup too. 

In this day and age, it’s very easy to fall prey to the unrealistic beauty standard set by social media, but one beauty blogger is out to change that. Nilu Yuleena Thapa, famously known as Big Hair Loud Mouth by her digital fam, is known for her kick-ass style and bold makeup looks. However, until recently what many people didn’t know was that the blogger has been dealing with hyperpigmentation since the age of 16. 

We chatted up with her to find out about her journey to self-love and how she accepted her flaws and learnt to love them and flaunt them like a true-blue diva.

self love beauty bloggers struggle with pigmentation

Being a beauty blogger, how did she learn to love her skin? Nilu says, “I had always loved my skin. When I was in school and my friends were dealing with pimples or acne, I had what everyone thought was a perfect complexion. However, my hyperpigmentation started appearing when I was in college, when I was around 16 years old. And while I thought it would just be a few brown spots, it spread so fast before I could comprehend what was happening. I went to so many dermatologists trying to get rid of it but in vain. Multiple failures to get rid of pigmentation made me really upset but before I even realised I had begun to accept it as a part of me and was already living with it. I just had to acknowledge that my pigmentation very much makes me the person that I am today”.

Having a community of over one lakh followers, it can get tough to deal with people’s reactions. “Cyberbullying affected me so much at one point of time that it now feels normal as the dialogues are pretty much the same. I don't want to grow a thick skin for I don't want to lose the ability to feel passionately. I still feel hurt when I see negative words written against me and at the same time, I feel very happy when my online community of sisters and brothers and friends uplift me”, says Nilu.

self love beauty bloggers struggle with pigmentation

So, what made Nilu open up about her skin concern on social media? She says, “I don't remember when exactly, but my insecurity then made me learn the art of concealing my pigmentation so well that I started receiving comments like you are perfect, you have beautiful skin, etc which made me feel like a fraud. So, I just had to let everyone interested know that I had my own share of skin issues that I struggled with on a daily basis. The reaction - I never felt so good! I suddenly seemed relatable to so many women with pigmentation like me who wanted to learn about the option to make their skin look flawless if they wanted”.

Let’s admit it! When you talk about an issue, there comes a wave of advice from all directions. And this stands true in Nilu’s case too. She says, “The one advice I received from a lot of people is to always apply sunscreen. I am not big on home remedies, but my mom sometimes makes me apply aloe vera and sandalwood when I'm not feeling lazy”.

self love beauty bloggers struggle with pigmentation

When asked if there is a specific makeup routine girls dealing with similar skin issues can follow, she says, “Start your makeup by applying a good 50+SPF sunscreen, apply a good concealer and after blending it, set it with a setting powder. Using a foundation is your personal preference.”

“In fact, it is also important to follow a religious skincare routine. I regularly cleanse, tone, moisturise and apply sunscreen during the day. Remove all my makeup thoroughly, apply a hydrating night-cream (as my skin is dry-combination) and follow it up with an essential oil in the night,” says Nilu.

While Nilu is now comfortable with her skin imperfections, does makeup act as an instant confidence-booster? She says, “Yes it does. The makeup look I create reflects my mood. If I'm feeling feisty, my makeup is bold, if I'm feeling pretty, my makeup leans more towards what my version of pretty is then. So yes, I use makeup to express myself and that makes me feel amazing! But, it’s not that no makeup makes me feel any less confident either! I've done my share of shoots with no makeup too”.

self love beauty bloggers struggle with pigmentation

Who is the one person that inspires Nilu and makes her love herself more every single day? She was quick to answer: “My boyfriend. When we started dating 8 years ago, I was so hesitant to show my face without makeup to him during the initial months. And when he did see me without makeup, he didn't seem to care at all. And I guess that attitude rubbed off on me. He never said things like ‘No offence, but maybe you should do a bit of makeup to hide those black spots’. It isn't that I was seeking validation, I just felt that these black spots are no big deal at all!”

Talking about self-love, Nilu says, “Beauty is when you love yourself, you are so confident with who you are that it reflects off you!”

“No one is you and for that you are unique”, she signs off.

Image courtesy: Instagram