We’ve seen her on ‘Social Media Star with Janice’ and now on ‘Starry Meals with Janice: A Zomato Originals’ and ‘Cheers to that! with Janice.’ Hosting three successful shows in under a year is no ordinary feat, but then again, Janice Sequeira is no ordinary woman. After spending eight years doing what always fascinated her, Janice quit her very senior position at one of the top news channels in the country to do more. There began her journey from a journalist/editor to an anchor.

If you’re wondering how she manages to do all of this and still look fresh as a daisy, we have the answers. We talked to Janice and got her to share with us a few of her trusty makeup tricks and a whole lot more in this candid interview.

janice sequiera interview

My skincare routine  

I use a soap-free cleansing gel to wash my face when I wake up and then generally follow it up with a Vitamin C cream and moisturiser (I swear by Dove!). If I'm stepping out, I'll generally add a sunscreen lotion. At night, after taking off all my make-up, I repeat the soap-free face wash + Vitamin C + moisturiser routine. 

My daily hair care routine  

I use good shampoo and conditioner, one that's designed to suit my curly hair is my best friend! I also use a good leave-in conditioner to help with all that extra frizz, something we curly-haired girls deal with all the time. And here’s another tip: I do not over-brush my hair, and let my curls just be!

janice sequiera interview

My go-to makeup look on the job

With make-up, my team and I tend to keep it fresh and dewy. I'm blessed with good skin, so the base is always light, which is easier to freshen up and tweak in case of multiple shoots on any given day. I like dramatic eyes, and so we experiment with different kinds of eyeshadow and eyeliners. I also prefer nude, lighter shades of lipstick for on-camera shoots. An additional coat of mascara too goes a long way! 

A beauty product I can’t live without

Three actually: Mascara, brow filler and lipstick. But if I had to pick, I'd go with mascara.

One skincare hack I swear by

Always take off all your makeup before you sleep! No matter how tired you are, cleansing your skin thoroughly before you retire for the day goes a long way in maintaining the health of your skin.

janice sequiera interview

My skincare and haircare rules

For skin, I try to eat clean and remind myself to hydrate as much as possible to avoid breakouts or dull skin before a shoot. 

I always try to wash my hair at least 24 hours before a shoot. If I wash it on the morning of the shoot, I find that my hair is extremely difficult to style. 

My makeup routine when I’m off the sets 

A dash of mascara, brows filled, a bit of tint or blush on the cheeks and a nice lipstick. On most days, I really can't be bothered to do more than this.

janice sequiera interview

A beauty no-no for me as an anchor...

Different shows have different requirements. But for talk-shows I would say loud make-up or an over-the-top hairdo is a complete no-no. I would also avoid very dark shades of lipstick as that tends to distract the viewer from the conversation. 

My advice to young girls who find it difficult to accept their body or appearance

We're all struggling when it comes to accepting our bodies and appearance. But at some point, you have to make the choice to love yourself as you are. This might sound corny, but honestly, you have to remind yourself daily that you're amazing, that you're beautiful and that YOU ARE ENOUGH!