From being a former Miss India and model to a successful Bollywood actress and a reality TV host, Neha Dhupia’s career graph has been anything but monotonous. But if there’s one thing about the actress that never fails to leave us wowed, it has to be her envious skin.

Her flawless, clear and glowing complexion coupled with those thick, luscious locks is nothing short of pure goals. As Neha celebrates her 40th (say whaaa) birthday today, we can safely say that the actress is ageing like fine wine.

Wanna know what are the secrets behind Neha’s beauty? Read on to find out…


01. It’s all in that ghee

It’s all in that ghee

Neha Dhupia is a big fan of natural remedies and one of the topmost ingredients she swears by is ghee or clarified butter. She ensures that she consumes at least three grams of ghee every day as it is full of essential fatty acids that moisturise and condition your skin to keep it super soft and supple.


02. Believes in following a simple skincare routine

Believes in following a simple skincare routine

Neha likes to keep her skincare routine simple by ensuring that her skin is clean and moisturised at all times. When she is not shooting, she avoids makeup completely to let her skin breath and only applies some sunscreen and lip balm.


03. Religiously uses coconut oil for everything

Religiously uses coconut oil for everything

Neha says that one of the best beauty advice she has ever received is to use cold-pressed natural coconut oil for everything. After a shower, she slathers on a bit of this oil all over her face and body to ensure that her skin feels soft, healthy and glowing, all day long.


04. Is a fan of natural skincare

Is a fan of natural skincare

Neha mixes some multani mitti, honey and lemon and applies it to her face and neck. She says that simple concoction works like an all-in-one magic potion and helps to cleanse, exfoliate, tone as well as moisturise her skin. She also showers with neem-infused water and milk once a week to nourish and moisturise her body.


05. Uses eye cream without fail

Uses eye cream without fail

The former Miss India says that once you have undereye bags, there is hardly anything you can do to get rid of them. Therefore, it is best to use a good quality eye cream at least twice a day to keep all undereye problems at bay.

All image courtesy: @nehadhupia