While we love bingeing on a fun new show that can be streamed from anywhere, it is the actors on OTT platforms who have truly won our hearts. Making her OTT debut now is the lovely Waluscha De Sousa, who is all set to kick some major butt in her new Voot Select show Crackdown. We had a tete-e-tete with Waluscha to talk about her role and the beauty expectations that come with it. Plus, her beauty routine for youthful skin revealed!

waluscha desousa skincare

BB: If you had to describe your new show Crackdown in just one line, what would you say about it?

Waluscha: I think it’s an amazing spy-thriller, has a lot of twists and turns and will keep you at the edge of your seat…

BB: Moving from modelling to acting, this show may well be considered your breakout role because of the well fleshed out character. Was there any pressure on you to look a certain way as an OTT debutante?

Waluscha: For me, it was just about the character. There are parts of Garima that are similar to who I am and then there are some aspects that are completely unfamiliar to me. But yes, overall I had to stay physically fit to play a role like this. And yes, there is also some pressure since people will be seeing me on screen after a while. My last movie was Fan (2016), where I played a very different character and wanted to consciously break away from that. So yes, I wanted to appear a certain way, but I tried to keep it as close to the character and add some of my own charm to it.

BB: You started modelling at a very early age and turned it into a full-time career. How has your perception of beauty evolved in an industry that can be very critical about how women look?

Waluscha: Yes, the industry is very critical; but for me, it has always been about simplicity. Whether it is the way I dress, the makeup I use or the skincare routine I follow, it is all very minimalistic. And I think that’s probably helped me along the way; there are many trends that keep popping up and I don’t think I like to give in to the pressure of keeping up with what’s expected of women at the moment. I think each of us needs to be true to who we are.

waluscha desousa skincare

BB: Talking of beauty, we have to know the routine behind your flawless skin! Can you give us an idea as to what your beauty routine looks like?

Waluscha: The most important thing is what you put into your system! So much of your skin is what you put into your body. I have a very balanced and healthy diet, and stay away from fitness fads. I eat everything in moderation and avoid some key things - like dairy, gluten and sugar. Besides that, I like to let my skin breathe.So instead of using heavy creams, I tend to use lotions. I make sure that lotion has an SPF of at least 15, even when I am indoors because your skin can get damaged and pigmented due to sun exposure. The only place I use a thick, rich cream is my under eye area to keep dryness and fine lines away. At night, I use retinol and Vitamin C serums to help my skin recover from any damage it goes through during the day.

BB: Do you consider yourself a skincare junkie?

Waluscha: I am not so experimental actually! For instance, my face lotion has been a constant for the past 15 years, so I am not one to experiment with new skin innovations at all. I would say if something works for your skin, you should stick to that.

waluscha desousa skincare

BB: Your makeup game is always on point as well. Are there any glam guidelines you have adapted after working closely with MUAs for many years?

Waluscha: The key thing that I learnt is that your tools are very important! The application technique, the stroke you use and how you adapt makeup tools to your face is crucial. Another thing I would say is so important with makeup is your skin’s undertone (blue, green or yellow). I am constantly frustrated by some red lipsticks that look so chic on my friend, but not me (!). I choose my eyeshadow shades according to my undertone as well. So if you are not able to understand why a certain makeup staple is not working for you, figure out your skin’s undertone first and pick your makeup accordingly.

BB: Tell us some skincare mistakes you wish you hadn't made in your 20s.

Waluscha: I am not sure if I made any skincare mistakes but I definitely was more carefree with my skin in my 20s. Skincare has evolved a lot since then. I grew up in Goa, with the sun and the beach; I had my SPF at all times but didn’t really care too much about other beauty products.

waluscha desousa skincare

BB: Is your approach to haircare similar to your skin?

Waluscha: I wish (laughs!) My hair is very thin so I have to really look after it. My tresses have definitely taken after the European side of my family. My mother is German and Europeans have very thin hair, so that’s something I struggle with constantly. I keep my hair essentials very lightweight, as heavy shampoos and conditioners flatten my hair. I have also learnt how to use hair tools to make my mane bouncy - rollers and a blowdryer being part of my haircare arsenal. I also like to use deeply conditioning hair masks, especially during the monsoon when my hair tends to get frizzy!

BB: What is your go-to everyday makeup look?

Waluscha: I usually wear a water-based, light coverage foundation base, a gel liner, mascara (because I love to add drama to my eyes), tinted lip balm and pink blush for the apples of my cheeks. If I’m in the mood, I use a brown kajal pencil as kohl and these essentials go with me everywhere.

BB: Lastly, share some of your tips for youthful-looking skin, that ages like fine wine!

Waluscha: The most important tip is to drink a lot of water, especially hot water. Feed your skin with Vitamin c, not just from the outside, but in your diet as well. Make sure to pick your skincare products according to your skin type. Moisturise well and never leave your house without SPF!