Delhi girl Harshita Gaur became a well-known face after her role in the hugely popular TV series Sadda Haq. Now, with OTT rage Mirzapur under her belt, the actress is excited for the prospects that are lined up next. Apart from being an absolute knock-out on-screen, Harshita has also wooed us with her glam moments off-screen.

To know more about her envious skin and on-point makeup, we caught up with this gorgeous for an exclusive interview and got her to talk about all things beauty! Here is a brief insight into Harshita’s beauty routine…

BB exclusive Decoding the beauty secrets of Mirzapur actress Harshita Gaur1

BB: Give us an insight into your early life… your childhood, career beginnings and milestones. 

Harshita: I am an engineer in Electronics and Communication, by education, and belong to a family of doctors from Delhi. In my growing up years, I was a lot into dancing (Kathak) and theatre activities. One of my earliest aspirations was to participate, and win, a title like ‘Miss World’. Even though I was a very good student, I was always inclined towards performing and being on stage!

My career beginnings were always positive — I was landing projects and booked Sadda Haq very quickly after shifting to Mumbai. But I did struggle with a gap in work when the show ended. And I wanted to be part of a different format — films and projects that let you explore different kinds of roles. I wanted to see myself on the 70 mm screen and started with acting workshops to keep my mind diverted and active. I remember getting a call for Mirzapur but was a bit sceptical about being part of a web series. But when I met the makers and heard what the story and character were all about, I signed it in a heartbeat. I have been lucky enough to work with good actors and directors, teaching me so much about the craft in these years. Initially, I did not have an idea about the potential of OTT platforms. But I was craving to work with team Mirzapur, the vibe was amazing. I am glad they considered me for the role and it worked out because I took away a lot from it!

BB exclusive Decoding the beauty secrets of Mirzapur actress Harshita Gaur2

BB: You have gorgeous skin! Can you tell us what your actress-on-the-go skincare regime looks like?

Harshita: My on the go skincare regime is very dynamic, I do keep looking for new things to do. But the thumb rule that I follow without fail is practising a CTM (cleansing-toning-moisturising) routine twice a day. I will clean my face even if it's 4 in the morning. My everyday bag consists of sunscreen, a hydrating spray for dry days and a lip balm, especially for the dry corners of my mouth.

I am also a big fan of at-home natural remedies like curd and besan. I do take myself to a dermat when my skin misbehaves. For instance, my skin has been very sensitive recently, with rosacea flare-ups being a key concern. Which is why I decided to take expert advice on the same — to know about my skin and maintain it properly.

BB exclusive Decoding the beauty secrets of Mirzapur actress Harshita Gaur3

BB: What are some of your personal beauty commandments that help you maintain glowing youthful skin?

Harshita: My beauty mantra is simple — meditating to give my body a boost of energy, hydration (I try to drink at least 3-3.5 litres of water every day) and following a proper skincare routine. For instance, I am a big fan of breathing exercises that help rejuvenate the skin cells.

When it comes to a routine, I like to listen to my skin. Sometimes I will skip the morning cleanser and wash my face with cold water and follow it up with a moisturiser. However, at night, I always indulge in double cleansing — starting off with an oil cleanser to help dissolve the impurities on my skin and then follow up with a face wash. I exfoliate my skin one to two times a week to avoid over-drying my skin too much. I love my homemade face packs as well. My go-to ingredients are curd, honey, cold-pressed coconut oil, besan, gram flour, coffee powder and/or chocolate powder. I keep trying various combinations to keep my skin glowing!

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BB: Let's talk hair! Give us an insight into your hair care routine. 

Harshita: My hair care routine is not as strict as my skincare regimen! I learnt a trick from a hairstylist and it has really worked for me. The day I wash my hair, I let it air-dry to avoid using as much heat as possible. After two days, when I have to wash my hair again, I massage my scalp gently, without any oil, to stimulate it. I regularly exfoliate my scalp to make sure all the nutrients I am giving it reach the follicles. I also keep a close eye on how my scalp is reacting, and attend to issues like dandruff or dry patches right away!

Secondly, I make sure to not shampoo my entire hair and only apply the product on the scalp and then let it flow to the ends of my hair. You don’t need to apply shampoo on the ends and only going in with a conditioner at the ends will do. At night, I apply a light serum and put my hair in a loose protective braid to protect it from getting too much friction during the night.

BB exclusive Decoding the beauty secrets of Mirzapur actress Harshita Gaur5

BB: What is your makeup personality like — are you an OTT girl or a believer of minimal beauty?

Harshita: I am totally a believer of minimal beauty because when I do a lot of makeup, I usually get it wrong! Thankfully I have good skin and work on keeping it healthy than covering it up with makeup. I feel like I look better without makeup, and only rely on stylists to put together looks for shoots.

I like to keep it makeup-free on daily and believe in using makeup to enhance my existing features for work, instead of trying to hide under it! One of my makeup idols is Jhanvi Kapoor — I love how she does her everyday makeup look and highlights her natural beauty with a bit of lip or cheek tint.

BB exclusive Decoding the beauty secrets of Mirzapur actress Harshita Gaur6

BB: What are some of the beauty faux pas you have committed (childhood haircut nightmare stories are allowed)!

Harshita: I once remember going in with an egg and curd hair mask (without the curd, oops!). It ended up stinking up my whole room and bathroom, which being vegetarians was not ideal. The whole thing was a mess because I had tried to do it on my own, without the help of my mom, who actually knew how to properly prepare the hair mask. Safe to say, my father was not happy when he came back from work to a whiff of eggy smell in the house! far as makeup is concerned, I have not really experimented because I struggle with techniques — even something as basic as a liner (wings being out of the question!).

It is easier for me to put kohl and smudge it! Although I had bought a lot of makeup when I started and never ended up using even half of it. So, it’s safe to say there are no makeup faux pas in the makeup category!

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BB: Let's do a quick round of makeup 'This or That':

Bold red lip or glossy pink?

I used to be a bold red lip person, but these days I am more of a glossy pink, but I like both.

Metallic eyes or pastel colours?

In day to day, 80% of the time pastel colours. But metallic eyes for evenings when you want to dress up and go out.

Smudged kohl or sleek liner

Smudged kohl

Contouring: Yay or nay?

Contouring - maybe because I am not very good at it so I don’t do it every day. But yay (!) If I’m wearing something elaborate, I will contour.

Embellished makeup?

Not for me, no!

Images courtesy: @harshita1210