Zumba has got to be one of the most fun ways to lose weight, stay fit and remain or get back in shape. But you know what else it does? It helps improve the quality of your skin and hair. Don’t believe us? Let fitness instructor and Zumba expert, Sucheta Pal explain it to you.

We recently caught up with the heavily pregnant Zumba girl to talk all things beauty and fitness. From her daily skin and hair care routine to the makeup products she swears by, Sucheta revealed it all. And yes, we even got her to tell us how she’s dancing her way through her third trimester.

interview with the celebrated zumba expert sucheta pal

BB: Tell us the secret to that pregnancy glow. 

SP: People talk about the pregnancy glow all that, but the funny part is the glow comes from all the nutrition you consume when you’re pregnant. I obviously have to take care of what I eat, and I always eat good food. This shows on my skin. I did breakout in my first trimester, but now my skin is completely clear.

BB: Has your skincare routine changed in any way with the pregnancy?

SP: Post-shower, I use a nourishing body butter as my skin tends to feel stretched, especially in the stomach area. I want to avoid stretch marks as much as I can. It’s not like I am worried about it, but if I can avoid it, why not? I also use a little bit of coconut oil on alternate days for my skin.

BB: Is it safe to exercise during pregnancy?

SP: Yes, of course. You’re supposed to! I have been travelling, teaching and conducting sessions across India throughout my pregnancy. There are two things though; always consult your doctor because every pregnancy is different, and there could be certain complications involved. Secondly, continue the form of exercise you have been into before your pregnancy and don’t start anything new now. Reduce your intensity by 30 per cent because this is not the time to build muscle, but maintain stamina.

interview with the celebrated zumba expert sucheta pal

BB: What is regular hair care routine like?

SP: I have been blessed with very good hair, thanks to my mom. So, I colour it often and still don’t need to do much to maintain it. What really works for me though is using coconut oil to nourish and protect my hair. It keeps my hair healthy with zero maintenance. Apart from my regular shampoo and conditioner, that’s all I do.

BB: Could you tell us about your morning and night-time skincare routine?

SP: I am someone who follows a very, very simple routine. I mix crushed almonds with sandalwood and rose water and use it as a scrub in the morning. After I have done this, I pamper my skin with a tonic mist. Since I have extremely oily skin, I skip a heavy-duty moisturiser on most days. And that’s all for my morning skincare routine.

As for the night, I think that this is when my skin gets super, super oily. So I use a good quality astringent, which ensures that my skin is rid of any extra oil. After that I use a little malai on my face as a face mask to moisturise it. And this has been my routine for as long as I can remember. 

interview with the celebrated zumba expert sucheta pal

BB: In terms of skincare, what do you do right after a very sweaty Zumba session?

SP: I always keep a pack of wet wipes handy and use it to cleanse my skin. I then use a tonic mist to freshen up. If I don’t follow this religiously, my skin immediately breaks out into acne.

BB: What is your go-to makeup routine like, especially when you’re performing?

SP: Since I tend to breakout a lot, I don’t use too much makeup. But when I am performing or teaching on stage, I apply some sort of a foundation that does not budge, as I will be sweating a lot. After that, I put on a bit of translucent powder to make sure that the foundation is set. My go-to makeup products are lipsticks and I am known for my bright lippies. I have entire range of bright pink or dark coloured lipsticks. I am not a person who uses nudes at all. These are the only three things I apply on my face before a performance.

interview with the celebrated zumba expert sucheta pal

BB: Is there any particular routine you recommend for healthy-looking skin?

SP: Yes. I have observed that if you keep your system clean, it really helps your skin clear up. I used to suffer from stomach issues and that used to show on my skin. So I ensure that on waking up in the morning, I have warm water with a little bit of lemon. Next, I have a fruit that is rich in fibre to help clean my stomach. Other than this, I ensure that I sleep for eight hours minimum because most skin and hair issues crop up when you’re sleep deprived or stressed.

BB: What are the beauty essentials we will always find in your bag?

SP: I always have a bottle of a tonic mist, a bottle of foundation, a body mist and my wet wipes.

Image courtesy: Instagram