Post a gruelling workout sesh at the gym, you want to reach out for an energy drink to cool down and re-hydrate your body, right? Take lessons from Shraddha Kapoor who is showing us how to have energy drinks, desi style!

Shraddha Kapoor has been a busy girl this year, and yet, manages to keep up her healthy eating desi khana and fruits that makes our mouths water.

Shraddha Kapoor kokum

She recently posted a picture of a glass of kokum juice, her favourite post-work out energy drink. We love the idea of a traditional and desi energy drink, don’t you? Kokum has a host of skin and health benefits, and anything that is natural, good for the skin and has Shraddha’s stamp of approval, we are game to try out!


Here is why you should include kokum sherbet in your diet:

Here is why you should include kokum sherbet in your diet:

It is a weight loss aid

Kokum is a source of a derivative of citric acid that curbs your appetite and thus inhibits weight gain.

It is a storehouse of antioxidants

Kokum is a rich source of antioxidants, especially vitamin C that help in slowing the signs of ageing on the skin by producing collagen.

It is an immunity booster

Kokum is a rich source of vitamin C that helps boost your immunity.

Shraddha Kapoor kokum

It is an anti-inflammatory agent

It has the antioxidant garcinol that helps fight inflammation in the body, thus preventing puffy eyes and skin.

Shraddha Kapoor kokum

It is an extremely effective moisturiser

Kokum is effective in treating dry skin as it is a very rich emollient. It heals chapped lips, cracked heels also.

So go ahead and add kokum juice to your diets to get all these benefits.