Revealed: 5 Skincare Secrets From Bollywood's Biggest Stars

Written by Nishtha BhallaNov 30, 2023
Revealed: 5 skincare secrets from Bollywood's biggest stars

It's no secret that Bollywood celebrities have gorgeous skin. No matter where they are or what they're doing, on-duty or off-duty, their skin manages to look flawless, and we have to admit we're a little jealous! Luckily, though, if you want celeb-like skin at home, we're here to reveal a select few Bollywood skincare secrets that will help you get gorgeous skin at home. Read on for the top five skincare secrets from Bollywood's biggest stars, and don't forget to take notes!


01. Katrina Kaif - Ice facials

05. Priyanka Chopra Jonas - Lip scrubs

Believe it or not, Katrina Kaif swears by ice facials to help get rid of puffiness and inflammation. The actor revealed that she dunks her face in a bowl filled with ice cubes every morning for a minute to help tighten her skin, reduce oiliness, and refresh her skin. Now this one we've gotta try!


02. Deepika Padukone - AM and PM routines

05. Priyanka Chopra Jonas - Lip scrubs

Image courtesy: @deepikapadukone

The secret to Deepika Padukone's gorgeous skin comes from building a separate AM and PM routine. In the morning, she follows the good old CTM routine and finishes off with sunblock. At night, she's extremely adamant about removing her makeup, and also applies a hydrating cream for some much-needed moisturisation.


03. Anushka Sharma - Neem face packs

05. Priyanka Chopra Jonas - Lip scrubs

Image courtesy: @anushkasharma

Anushka Sharma's skincare routine is all about detox, and that’s why she turns to neem — a tried-and-tested anti-inflammatory, antibacterial ingredient. She makes her face pack by combining neem powder, yoghurt, rose water and milk to get rid of excessive sebum, pigmentation, and acne.


04. Malaika Arora - Body scrubs

05. Priyanka Chopra Jonas - Lip scrubs

Image courtesy: @malaikaaroraofficial

Malaika Arora's skin is always glowing, and the reason for that is a DIY coffee body scrub the diva swears by. She exfoliates her body with a coffee scrub that can be made with ingredients readily available in the pantry. Simply mix a tablespoon of brown sugar with a tablespoon of coffee and a couple of drops of almond oil, and you'll get a gorgeous glow just like her!


05. Priyanka Chopra Jonas - Lip scrubs

05. Priyanka Chopra Jonas - Lip scrubs

Image courtesy: @priyankachopra

We recently learned that Priyanka Chopra Jonas uses a DIY lip scrub to exfoliate her lips, and well, she's certainly got the pout to prove it. She makes a sea salt lip scrub at home using a couple of teaspoons of sea salt mixed with vegetable glycerine and rose water, and exfoliates her lips with it. We're bookmarking this for later too!

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