Sonakshi Sinha Birthday Special: Spilling The Secrets To Her Flawless Skin

Written by Urvi DalalSep 16, 2023
Sonakshi Sinha birthday special: Spilling the secrets to her flawless skin

She’s smart, supremely talented and dabangg. Any guesses? Yes, we’re talking about the super pretty Sonakshi Sinha. Apart from impressing us with her power-packed performances over the years, Sona has also got us lusting after her clear, glowing skin.

So, on her 33rd birthday, we are letting you in on the secrets to Sonakshi Sinha’s glowing skin for you to take notes. Let’s begin...


She always applies an SPF

She exercises regularly

Sonakshi likes to keep her skincare routine simple. She follows a basic CTM routine and claims that she never leaves her house without applying a generous amount of sunscreen with an SPF of 50 or above. Sunscreen helps protect your skin against sun damage and keep signs of ageing at bay.


She uses an ice to shrink her pores

She exercises regularly

Here’s a beauty secret that the actress swears by - she revealed that she rubs a cube of ice all over her face (for minute) before putting on makeup. This little trick not only shrinks the pores but also gives your skin a beautiful, healthy glow.


She’s a fan of 'dadi ma ke nushke'

She exercises regularly

Sonakshi is a self-proclaimed fan of dadi ma ke nuskhe to maintain the health of her skin. She loves a good slathering of homemade multani mitti face pack to keep excess oiliness at bay. Additionally, she also regularly applies fresh aloe vera gel on her face to eliminate common skin problems such as blemishes and dullness to keep her skin looking flawless.


She takes off her makeup before going to bed

She exercises regularly

Another skincare rule that Sonakshi swears by is removing all traces of makeup before going to bed each night to keep her skin soft and supple. Post cleansing, she applies a moisturiser and an eye cream to heal and repair her skin while she sleeps.


She regularly exfoliates her skin

She exercises regularly

In order to maintain her skin’s texture, she religiously exfoliates her skin once a week. This helps rid her skin of tanning, clogged pores, dead skin cells, blackheads and whiteheads. It’s always a great way to ensure that your skin looks fresh and glowing at all times.


She exercises regularly

She exercises regularly

Another secret to Sonakshi’s flawless skin is exercise. She claims that hitting the gym often and engaging in a full body workout helps in eliminating toxins from the body. Moreover, the actress also practices some early morning yoga and breathing practices such as Kapalbhati and Pranayam to boost oxygen supply for clearer looking skin.

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