If you often head to Instagram for beauty tips, chances are you have already come across Vasudha Rai talking about a fun DIY facial smoothie! With a strong background in the beauty editorial business, the lady has successfully taken over the Indian beauty influencer space and how. From focusing on targeted approach to talking about beauty rituals that actually work, Vashudha’s feed cuts through the clutter of trends or ‘IT’ products and gets to the point, often in the form of aesthetically pleasing IGTVs. Her followers covet her wholesome and holistic approach to beauty, and she makes good use of her social media space to have all kinds of conversations about beauty. In addition to doling out her expert tips on social media, Vashudha Rai also talks about beauty in her book titled ‘Glow’ and her podcast, called ‘Holistic Healing with Vasudha Rai’.

Full disclosure — we personally stalk her profile daily in the hopes of recreating her fresh-faced glow without having to douse ourselves in liquid highlighter. It is safe to say that, yes, we are a fan, which means that we absolutely just had to have a one-on-one with her about skincare. Our topic of discussion? Her top five skincare ingredients for dry, mature skin. Here are her personal favourites she doled out to us…


01. Retinol

Vasudha Rai's top 5 skincare ingredients for dry, mature skin

I have thin skin, and I used to be into using AHAs and BHAs (exfoliators) a lot when I was younger. As I’ve gotten older, my pores stopped getting clogged after I cleaned my diet. I take the right supplements, and my diet is proper, so I do not have issues like blackheads anymore. I stopped using too many exfoliators and just wanted to make my skin thicker, and that’s what retinol does over a period of time. The ingredient has since changed my skin; it looks fresher, younger and cleaner. It does help with cell turnover, so as an anti-ageing ingredient, this is a shoo-in!

The best approach is to get a dermatologist’s recommendation so that you can avoid reactions and use them the right way. Especially if you are using very potent versions of retinol like tretinoin (this suits me very nicely). So, I would say this ingredient has brought about drastic changes in my skin!


02. Hyaluronic acid

Vasudha Rai's top 5 skincare ingredients for dry, mature skin

Your skin does become drier as it ages! As compared to the oil slick situation in my younger years, I can’t believe how dry skin is now. My skin definitely changed when I got older, so hyaluronic acid is super important in keeping my skin hydrated. A lot of your existing skin issues, like open pores, become more visible when your skin is dehydrated. Having said that, it has been a journey to find the right hyaluronic acid serum because my skin is sensitive and would often break out from certain formulas. And even though legacy brands have not fared well for me in the past, I have found the right picks in the clean beauty space!


03. Ceramides

Vasudha Rai's top 5 skincare ingredients for dry, mature skin

Ceramides, in the form of nice thick cream, is an absolute fave. Ceramides are basically the building blocks of your skin, and so a thick cream or a ceramide ampoule over the hyaluronic acid really helps. Our skin is made of oil and water, which means that you need both lipids and hydration. But using ceramides and AHA has helped in putting back some suppleness and structure in my skin.


04. Centella Asiatica

Vasudha Rai's top 5 skincare ingredients for dry, mature skin

I love cica creams! Infused with Centella Asiatica (aka gotu kola in Ayurveda), they feel very calming and soothing on my face. Sometimes I even add some Centella to my face masks because it stimulates the skin and gives it a lovely glow.


05. SPF

Vasudha Rai's top 5 skincare ingredients for dry, mature skin

This ties up with my retinol use because when you use such potent ingredients for your skin, it is good to use an SPF, which has both chemical and physical filters. Physical filters guarantee to protect your skin, and mineral ones help too. It is important to have a good sunscreen in your routine, especially if you use active ingredients, as they can make your skin sensitive to sun damage.

Main image courtesy: @vasudha.rai