Very few actors let you see beneath the heavy layers of makeup, and Yami Gautam is one of them. From being fully decked up for award shows to being makeup-free and opting for an au naturel aesthetic on her Instagram, the newlywed always manages to give us major skin envy. And we're just going to say it – she's a girl's girl! The actor recently revealed four beauty secrets that she swears by, and they're not what you'd expect at all.

Instead of using fancy, overpriced products, she opts for natural ingredients that you'll essentially find in your kitchen and can use without breaking the bank. And if you want to cop healthy, glowing skin like Yami Gautam, read on as we reveal her top beauty secrets for flawless skin.


01. Lash TLC

01. Lash TLC

While long lashes may be a distant dream for some, who have to resort to mascara to gain any semblance of eyelashes, Yami's route is slightly different. Instead of choosing drying formulas, the star uses a paste of castor oil, vitamin E oil, and aloe vera to ensure hydrated, healthy lashes that can translate into long, voluminous ones.


02. Facial Upgrades

Facial Upgrades

We've all tried at-home face packs that may have left our skin dried out and craving a little more moisture. Take a leaf from Yami's book and replace regular water with coconut water in all your facials. It's super hydrating and works as a great natural toner for your skin.


03. Chapped Lips No More

Chapped Lips No More

We hate dealing with dry and chapped, and to be honest, we can never find our lip balms when we need them the most. But throwing it back to something a little more old school, we're taking notes from Yami Gautam, who uses ghee as a lip balm to get luscious, soft, hydrated lips.


04. Pore Tightening 101

Pore Tightening 101

We all struggle with pores, and celebrities are no different. But we're going to take Yami's advice for an at-home pore tightening face scrub since her skin has consistently looked flawless throughout the years. Mix half a teaspoon of turmeric with half a tablespoon of sugar, and add some honey. Use it as a scrub, and wipe your face clean with an ice-cold towel afterwards for a natural glow, and of course, tightened pores.

Main image courtesy: Yami Gautam