6 Ways To Make Your Perfume Last The Whole Day

Written by Khadijah EbrahimSep 16, 2023
6 ways to make your perfume last the whole day
Can we all agree that sometimes our perfume smells so good, it’s actually hard not to drink it? And can we also agree that it is the absolute worst when you invest in a perfume only to realise that it completely wears off after a couple of hours? To give you your money’s worth, we’ve come up with these tips that will also ensure that you smell like the princess that you are all day long.
1. Choose well
This is just a little piece of advice for the next time you buy some perfume—no matter how pretty ‘Eau de Toilette’ sounds, go for an ‘Eau de Parfum’ instead. This is because it is a stronger concentration of the fragrance which will make it last long on the skin.
Another factor to consider when buying perfume is the main ingredients in the perfume. Try and buy ones with stronger base notes as they will linger for the longest time. Go for woody or musky notes like sandalwood, cedarwood and amber.

2. Spritz after a shower

6. Perfume for your hair

The best time to ‘bathe’ yourself in perfume is after a bath. The moisture that your skin receives makes it more receptive to the fragrance. You will notice that by doing this, your fragrance will certainly last for longer hours.

3. Moisturise before applying
On the same premise, layering a cream or lotion from the same fragrance line is a great way to prep the skin before you begin spraying that perfume. It will layer and lock in the fragrance and enhance the scent.



4. Spray perfume on pulse points

6. Perfume for your hair

We get that it’s tempting but dousing yourself in perfume is not the best way to make it last the whole day. Apply your fragrance to pulse points—specifically to the wrist, neck, elbows and behind your ears—as they are the most receptive to changes in body temperature.

5. Don’t rub or scrub
For those of you rubbing your fragrance onto your skin, thinking that it’ll help disperse the scent—don’t. By doing this, you end up removing all of the subtleties of the lighter top notes of the perfume. Instead, dabbing it gently allows the aroma to unfurl on its own.


6. Perfume for your hair

6. Perfume for your hair

If you’ve always been tempted to dance into your perfume like they do in the movies, you now have a rational reason to do so. It helps settle the fragrance into your hair and onto your clothes, leaving you blanketed in the scent, without it being too overwhelming.

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