Should You Be Double Moisturising Your Face? We Investigate

Written by Urvi ShahNov 30, 2023
Should you be double moisturising your face? We investigate

If you’ve been struggling with dry, lackluster, and dehydrated skin for as long as you can remember, this one’s for you. There’s a way to salvage your skin, and resurrect your glow without smothering your face with endless scores of products. Tucked within J-beauty’s sea of hacks and tips is the concept of double-moisturising - and it’s just as simple as it sounds.


Is double-moisturising effective?

How do you double-moisturise?


This hack is intended for dry as well as mature skin. It goes without saying that your skin needs pumps of moisture every now and then. And rightfully so. What, apart from the practice of massaging a moisturising cream into your skin, can repel signs of dryness, inflammation, and sensitivity from creeping in?

By that logic, the more you moisturise your skin (this doesn’t mean you inundate your skin with product - there’s always a technique to adhere to), the more it is able to retain that moisture, and endow your face with a lit-from-within glow. And that’s exactly why double-moisturising delivers.

If you go to see, our skin’s outermost layer has a double-moisturising mechanism of its own. The Natural Moisturising Factor contained in our keratin cells absorbs moisture from the surroundings, and draws it into the skin; while the intercellular lipids in this layer supply oil to prevent the trapped moisture from evaporating. And this J-beauty method works in sync with our skin’s natural mechanism.



How do you double-moisturise?

How do you double-moisturise?


It’s not as straightforward as slapping two layers of your standard moisturiser on your face. You must coat your skin with a moisturising lotion that functions as a humectant - a substance that attracts moisture to the skin, and hydrates the outer layer. Hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and glycerin are a few examples of humectants. And follow it up with an emulsion - these oil-filled products function much like our lipids in the way that they prevent moisture in the outer-layer from escaping the skin, and seal it all in.

Cleanse and tone your skin like you usually would. Apply your serums. And start off by rubbing the humectant into your skin. Layer your face with the emulsion. And conclude with sunscreen - regardless of the weather outside.


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