5 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Makeup Wipes

Written by Nida SayyedJul 15, 2022
 5 ways to make the most of your makeup wipes

Makeup wipes are every lazy girl’s best friend. It’s a quick, easy and hassle-free way to take off makeup. They’re also perfect to use on the go. But, you need to ensure you’re using quality makeup wipes that are free of alcohol and harsh chemicals. Our go-to is the Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes. Enriched with triple purified water for hydration, pro-vitamin B5 to eliminate impurities and vitamin E for nourishment, this one is a must-have in every makeup lovers vanity. Ahead, we’ve listed down five ways to make the most of your facial wipes.


01. To clean up mistakes

As an alternative for a cleanser for travelling

If the wipes erase makeup, then why not use them to correct makeup mistakes? If you’ve gone a little crazy with your wing, just use a makeup wipe to clean up the mess. You can even sharpen your winged eyeliner with this. Wrap it around your pointy finger and swipe upwards on the underside. This hack also comes in handy when you’ve applied lipstick outside the lines or if you’ve gone overboard with overlining.


02. To get rid of pigment

As an alternative for a cleanser for travelling

Got a packet of dried up makeup wipes? Use them to wash your makeup brushes. All you have to do is take a wipe, lay it flat, and gently swirl the bristles of your brush on the wipe. Dried up makeup wipes still have a little bit of cleansing agent in them, but they’re not wet so your brush won’t be drenched. This one is a great hack for beginners or people who don’t own heaps of brushes. This also reduces the number of washes and saves a tonne of time!


03. To clean your palettes

As an alternative for a cleanser for travelling

Every day we learn something new. This hack is perfect for beauty enthusiasts who dread cleaning their huge eyeshadow palettes. You will need a small container with a flat surface and a makeup wipe. You can use your favourite bronzer, blush or moisturiser - just ensure one side is flat. Wrap your makeup wipe around the product and run the flat side over your palette. Since the eyeshadows are glued a little lower than the palette, the wipe only touches the packaging. You can use this hack for multiple palettes.


04. To refresh your skin

As an alternative for a cleanser for travelling

Makeup removing wipes are incredibly relaxing. Ditch tissues and use makeup wipes to refresh your skin. Pick a pack of gentle wipes like the Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes and just clean off the dust and grime whenever and wherever you please. They’re alcohol-free so these will not dry out your skin. You can also use these post-workout sessions. One swipe and you will feel much more relaxed as compared to tissues or napkins.


05. As an alternative for a cleanser for travelling

As an alternative for a cleanser for travelling

Wipe off all the dirt and traces of pollution from your skin with your favourite makeup wipes. No matter how hard you try, travelling is hard on your skin and you cannot always find the place to wash your face. So, if you struggle with maintaining your skin while commuting, use makeup wipes as a face wash alternative. This is a convenient choice as makeup wipes are designed to take off stubborn makeup and dirt from your skin and require no rinsing off.

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