#Bloodygood: Fun Period Hacks Everyone Needs To Know About!

Written by Kinnari AsharOct 28, 2022
#BloodyGood: Fun Period Hacks Everyone Needs To Know About!

Every girl gets periods as she gets older. Period (see what we did there?). It is a sign that you are stepping into the next step of womanhood and can now get pregnant. 

When you're on your period, a lot is thrown at your body- cramps, bloating, mood swings, some uninvited guests on your face, and menstrual bleeding! And sometimes, some of these things happen a few days before your periods, acting as tell-tale signs that your uterus is angry that you didn't give it a baby! 

We get it, all this can be rough, but don't you worry, as we share some fantastic period hacks with you that will make you feel a whole lot better the next time the bloody fairy visits. 

Prepare to bookmark them all. 

Amazing Period Hacks That You Need To Know 

1. The Itch To Itchhh! 


A common symptom during periods is having an itchy and super irritated vagina. The itching is usually caused due to pH imbalance, which can be a result of hormonal changes during periods, using soap to wash the intimate area or just menstrual blood. But unlike your menstrual-free days, putting your hand to calm that itch isn’t an option because, you know, there’s blood! 

Fun Period Hacks Everyone Needs To Know About!

Make sure you use VWash Plus Expert Intimate Hygiene Liquid Wash as it maintains the pH levels and takes care of vaginal itching in no time! You can use it every day, even during your periods! Get. It. Now!  

2. That Pain Tho! 

Fun Period Hacks Everyone Needs To Know About!

Are you feeling weird pressure/pain in your lower abdomen, back or even thighs? If yes, then you are most likely experiencing primary dysmenorrhea or menstrual cramps.  

They can start 2-3 days before your period and last for a few days. Muscle contractions cause these painful cramps within the uterus; yes, it happens to everybody. 

Here's how you can ease that pain: 

  • Lie down and raise your knees to your stomach slowly. Do it 10-15 times at a time and you shall notice your pain slowly fading away. It also helps with bloating (you are welcome.)  

  • Easy exercises such as doing relaxing yoga or walking can help with period pains in no time. It can also help relieve gas that can be the reason you're feeling uneasy. Just let it pass. 

  • If you suffer from severe cramps, then you need a heating pad in your life. Keep it on your lower abdomen (or wherever it hurts) and you shall feel better in just a few minutes. You can always ask your HR as they might have one or order a portable one right away. 

  • There's nothing a warm bath cannot fix. Run a nice warm bath and relax. Light a few candles and watch your favourite rom-com movie. Can we suggest something? Anything based on a Nicholas Sparks novel. 

  • If you feel too gassy, have antacids as soon as you start your cycle. Trust us; you'll thank us later. You can also ask your doctor for some medicine to help ease the pain. 

3. Why Are My Jeans So Tight Suddenly? 

Fun Period Hacks Everyone Needs To Know About!

Bloating is a common symptom during periods. This is because your lower belly comes out to play and nobody wants their favourite pair of jeans to not fit them, especially during that time of the month. 

Here's how you can reduce period bloating effectively; 

  • Repeatedly hydrate: Drinks at least 7-8 glasses of water daily. It might seem odd that we're asking you to fill that already bloated tummy, but it does help. You can also add a few drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice to a hot cup of water and drink it slowly. It will also help relieve that excruciating pain. 

  • Avoid caffeine: Before you come at us, allow us to explain! We understand that many of you guys cannot function without your daily cuppa, but if you really wish to reduce bloating, limit your caffeine intake. Come on; you can survive on just a cup or two, can't you? 

Switch it with a nice cup of tea; peppermint, chamomile, ginger, masala, etc., and woosh, bloating, be gone! 

  • Exercise is fun: Probably what you don't want to do but walking helps a lot when it comes to period pains and bloating. Just play your fave songs on a shuffle or an interesting podcast and march away, sister! 

4. It's NOT A Fish Market Down There!

Fun Period Hacks Everyone Needs To Know About!

It's time we all get comfortable with vaginal odour. After all, a vagina isn't supposed to smell like a rose garden. Although, we would like to know how Gwen Paltrow's vagina smells (we're talking about her infamous 'This smells like my vagina' candle!!!- y'all really have a dirty mind). 

As we grow older, our vaginal odour also changes, especially the discharge when you're about to start your monthly cycle. In fact, menstrual blood can also result in pH imbalance- which can be taken care of!  

Just wash it with cold water and an intimate wash once a day! Then, try the VWash Plus Expert Intimate Hygiene Liquid Wash that gently cleanses your intimate area and also calms vaginal itchiness and dryness. Don’t believe us? Hear it straight from the horse’s mouth – 9 out of 10 women feel that Vwash provides long-lasting freshness throughout the day (*immediately adds to cart*).

More Period Hacks That Are Worth Bookmarking

Whether you have super painful cramps or heavy bleeding, we have something for all you women. So keep on reading to learn about some other period hacks that we think know you will love: 

  • Have some papaya slices for a delayed period. This is a tried & tested trick that never disappoints. Just a few pieces and you'll be bleeding and crying (in pain) in no time. 

  • If you get nauseous during your periods, then try this- add one tbsp. of salt and sugar in a warm glass of water, mix it up and drink! It tastes weird but it helps beat nausea. Just pinch your nose and gulp it down. Bottoms up! 

  • Another great way to bid adieu to painful cramps is by mixing a few ajwain (Bishop's Weed) seeds in a glass of water, mixing it well and drinking it. It's the old-school hack that always works. Does it work for hangovers too– asking for a friend? 

  • Ditch the pad and switch to menstrual cups. It not only helps you save your monthly pad money, but it's also great for the environment. That's two for two. 

  • If you get heavy bleeding when menstruating, then try this game-changer hack. Place one pad on your panty like you normally do and another vertically so that it falls right under your bum. This TikTok-approved hack made us go, "where were you for half our life?" 

Now that we know all about periods and how to deal with them less painfully, let's read some hilarious #MyFirstPeriod stories. Have a look. 

I got my first period when I was 13! I remember I had my final math exam that day and since it was a Tuesday, my school uniform for the day was all white. So I went to my school without a clue in the world and throughout the day, I had this weird stomach ache and some weird feeling in my inner thighs. 

When I went to the washroom afterwards, I saw the 'bloody' red marks on my panty and I was scared. I was terrified like WTF is even happening? I had no idea what to do as about 40 minutes before I could leave the examination hall. So I completed my paper and left for home. 

I didn't even tell my mother (I was so shy year), and I kept bleeding throughout the day. Finally, when I was on my third capris of the day (I literally kept changing clothes than telling my mother), I knew that I had to tell her about the bloody mess I'd made of my clothes. 

We still laugh about it to this day. 

  • Aayushi Pareek, 29 

I had my first period during summer vacations at my grandmother's place in Chandigarh. My Badi Bua noticed my pyjamas had a questionable spot and she immediately took me to another room and called my mother. I honestly thought they were going to scold me about the fact I was using my Blackberry phone (remember that time?) past ten as all of us were required to put them in a bowl before sleeping.  

They briefly explained the miraculous world of periods: why it happens, how long it will last, what to expect, etc. And the only thing that came out of my mouth was- "Ab samaj Aaye who whisper wale ads". 

All my cousins got their periods quite late and I was the only one who got it pretty early (I was in 5th grade), so my mom was waiting for the right time to tell me all about it. 

I cannot believe that our bodies can do such miraculous stuff to this day. We should be celebrated, indeed! 

  • Anonymous, 33 

I can never forget the day I discovered the wrath of my uterus. I was up all night and had weird stomach pain. I thought I must be menstruating as my BFF at the time complained about the same kind of pain, and it turns out she was stepping into womanhood. 

Although I knew what to expect, I was not sure what to expect. I could feel something wet in my vagina, and I just knew! But unfortunately, my mother wasn't home from work, and I just placed a sock on my panty and went to play. I completely forgot about it until I went to shower. It was so much blood, man, so much blood.  

  • Ena J., 26 

We hope your next period is as fun as these stories! 

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