This Is Why You Should Not Skip The Foot Cream

Written by Sanjana GuptaSep 16, 2023
This is why you should not skip the foot cream
Facials, day creams, night creams—you probably end up spending a lot of time, money, not to mention effort, on your skincare, don’t you?  While you are paying attention to your skin care regimen, do not forget to take care of your feet, which work the hardest for you. You are on your feet for a greater part of the day and the skin on your feet tends to pay a heavy price!

Pedicures apart, you have to maintain the skin on your feet on a regular basis. We tell you how you can do this from the comfort of your own home. A good foot cream helps, especially if you suffer from cracked heels, dry skin, and red spots or calluses. You will definitely benefit from incorporating this into your regular skin routines. Along with foot creams, you can treat yourself to a foot spa, once in a while. Regular foot care can keep your skin moisturised, soft and smooth.

How is adding a foot cream to your routine going to benefit you in the long run?

How is adding a foot cream to your routine going to benefit you in the long run?

Foot creams keep your feet hydrated and prevent your heels from getting cracked. Athlete’s foot is a common skin infection caused by fungus, and applying foot cream regularly will prove to be beneficial. If you incorporate foot cream in your daily routine, you will have smooth and shiny feet.

The best way to apply foot cream
When it comes to your feet, it’s always better to opt for a crème that has a thicker texture. Ideally, you can apply foot cream right after taking a shower, when your feet are slightly moist as it will help absorb the cream.  Take a small quantity of the foot cream and massage your feet in circular motions.

Along with applying the cream, you can take the following steps to get soft and sleek skin:

Avoid wearing open foot wear as prolonged exposure to the elements will easily crack your heels.

At the end of the day, scrub your feet with a foot scrubber to get rid of all the dead and flaky skin.

Ensure that you trim your toe nails regularly, so as to avoid contracting fungal infections.

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