Why You Need To Add Baby Oil To Your Skin Care Routine Rn

Written by Khubi Amin AhmedSep 16, 2023
Why you need to add baby oil to your skin care routine RN
Who doesn’t want baby soft skin? It is literally every girl’s dream to have flawless, problem free, baby soft skin. And while it might seem like a farfetched dream, baby soft skin is actually not all that difficult to attain. Don’t believe us? Read on…

Something as simple and gentle as baby oil can help you ace perfect skin! Baby oil after all consists of vitamins, mineral oils and all the other added goodness of natural ingredients that work for baby skin. Obviously then, baby oil has the power to repair skin damage and nourish your skin too.

Well, if you need any more convincing reasons to include baby oil in your beauty routine, here are some…    

1. It’s a natural moisturiser

4.	It’s helps with cuticle care

Whether you have sensitive skin or dry skin, baby oil is that versatile moisturiser which will help replenish your skin either way. While the natural ingredients, vitamins and mineral oils help soothe sensitive skin, the rich oils deeply penetrate the skin and restore moisture for dry skin.


2. It works as a makeup remover

4.	It’s helps with cuticle care

The rich formula of baby oil nourishes your skin and helps improve overall skin health, which in turn makes it a great makeup remover. Apart from thoroughly removing your makeup, baby oil also moisturizes your skin and leaves it soft and supple.


3. It helps protect cracked heels

4.	It’s helps with cuticle care

Powered by vitamin E and mineral oils, baby oil has repairing and healing properties which helps heal cracked heels. With regular use, baby oil will cleanse, moisturise and repair your cracked heels.

Just heat the oil, generously massage it onto your heels, wear socks and allow it to work its magic overnight. 


4. It’s helps with cuticle care

4.	It’s helps with cuticle care

While manicures and cuticle creams are a few ways to care for your cuticles, baby oil is the simplest, everyday remedy for cuticle and hand care. Generously pampering your paws with baby oil will not only moisturise your hands, but will also give you naturally shiny nails and healthy cuticles. 

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