I Swapped My Cotton Pillowcase For A Fancy Silk One And This Happened

Written by Harshitha PrabhakarSep 16, 2023
I swapped my cotton pillowcase for a fancy silk one and this happened

After a long day at work, I go home in a semi-coma state and shovel dinner into my mouth and crash into bed. The last thing I want to worry about is the pillowcase I sleep on. Of course, I change them regularly and grudgingly do my laundry ever so often, but swapping my owl-print pillowcase for a silk one did not cross my mind.

If one thing can convince me to try something new, it is the promise of better skin and hair. So when I heard that a silk pillowcase can give me better skin and hair, I had to try it. So I snuck away from office (my boss better not be reading this) to buy myself a silk pillowcase, and mind you, they can be expensive, I shelled out a cool K for a pair of mulberry silk pillowcases. Used it for a week and these are my observations...


It is easier on the skin

I do not get those skin creases anymore

Silk reduces friction on the skin and prevents unnecessary rubbing against skin. Although I did not notice any marked difference to my skin, it definitely feels softer against the skin.


Fewer tangles in my hair

I do not get those skin creases anymore

The good news - I hit the jackpot and inherited my mother’s lush, thick hair. The bad news – I also inherited her premature greying syndrome, so I ended up having a full head of grey by the ripe old age of 16. Consequently, I have been regularly colouring it and have lost much volume in my hair.

If there is one thing I will go to great lengths for, it is to preserve what I have left on my head. In this respect, a silk pillowcase did help. It left my hair with fewer tangle when I woke up and hence did not have to spend too much time combing it in the mornings. It also made my hair look shinier, although I do not know how.


I do not get those skin creases anymore

I do not get those skin creases anymore

I have the unfortunate habit of sleeping on my tummy, so my face is squashed against the pillowcase for most part of my slumber. Sometimes, I wake up with skin creases that take a while to disappear. But with a silk pillowcase, I find that these tell-tale marks no longer appear. So this is definitely a plus!

The verdict: It is worth the investment, and there are only advantages to be had. If I have to mention the negatives, it has to be the price tag. Also, they are not available in prints, and as I mentioned earlier, I am partial to owl-print pillowcases!

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