When it comes to protecting and caring for the skin on our faces, diligence is our middle name. The process of slathering on SPF and moisturiser is so deeply ingrained in our psyche that it is almost like our second nature. But what about your neck?

Even though most skincare products always specifically mention applying the product to the face and neck, most of us are guilty of ignoring this vital part. It definitely doesn’t get the same skincare attention as, say, the skin under your eyes.

But it turns out that we shouldn’t neglect the neck are, as it shows signs of aging even more quickly than the face does. Here’s why it is really important to care for this essential part of the body.

skincare routine for your neck

The neck is usually the first place to show signs of ageing

Majority of sun damage happens in childhood, teenage years and early adult life. The skin on your neck is very thin as it contains less sebaceous glands and limited melanocytes (cells that give colour to your skin and protect it from UV rays), hence, damage happens more easily here. Therefore, it is really important to apply a generous amount of moisturiser to your neck to prevent further damage.

skincare routine for your neck

Skin on the neck is really sensitive

The skin in the neck is not just thin, it is also really sensitive. So it's important to take care of the neck from an early age as this will ensure that the skin remains taut and plump. Also, the platysma muscles are particularly prone to sagging. Platysma muscles aren't connected directly to any bone to hold them up, so they are very susceptible to the effects of gravity and the ageing process.

skincare routine for your neck

‘Sleep wrinkle’ is a thing

Do you to sleep on your side? Turns out that curling up on your side can also speed up neck and chest wrinkles, leading to a sagging effect. Now because you can hardly control how you sleep, you can at least take care of the skin on your neck to help repair damage.

skincare routine for your neck

We tend to forget to clean the area

While cleansing and washing our face is something we do each and every day, more often than not, we completely forget about our neck. Just like your face, it is important to buff away the build-up of dead skin cells and pores that are blocked with dirt. Remember to wash your neck and chest area every time you cleanse or exfoliate your face.

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