3 Shea Butter Masks To Try At Home

Written by Team BBSep 16, 2023
3 Shea butter masks to try at home
Shea butter is not your usual ordinary greasy, fat substituting butter. It is a vegan pick that is derived from the Africa Shea tree and is a hundred per cent herbal. It is often a hidden ingredient in most of your cosmetic products that the companies tend to scrap off from the label. It has been used since ancient times for addressing beauty concerns and has managed to provide relief to users from most of their skin issues. Here is how you can use shea butter to make face masks that are not only effective but affordable as well.

Shea butter and Strawberries

Shea butter and Orange

If you have sensitive and dry skin, you most definitely have to try this shea butter and strawberry mask. Make a puree out of about half a dozen strawberries. To remove the excess water, you can wrap them in a muslin cloth and let the excess drain out. Or you could simply use a sieve to remove the excess amount of water. Add two lumps of shea butter to the remains in the sieve and mix well. Apply this mask onto your face and massage in circular motions. After massaging for about three to five minutes, wash it off with lukewarm water. This natural mask is gentle and mild upon your skin and will not cause any irritation. It will hydrate your pores and nourish the upper dermis of your skin, providing your face with a fresh look.


Shea butter and Mint

Shea butter and Orange

A mask of shea butter and mint will treat all your acne related problems and remove any existing zits. Make a thick paste out of mint leaves and add some shea butter to it. Mix the ingredients well to form an even paste.  Apply this paste onto the acne prone regions and the oily T-zone of your face and leave it to dry. You can then wash it off with some ice-cold water. The anti-bacterial and healing properties of mint help reduce acne by combating the acne-causing bacteria.


Shea butter and Orange

Shea butter and Orange

This Shea butter and orange mask works wonders to remove the oil and sebum from your skin’s pores. Peel an orange and make a puree out of the slices. You could try to peel the slices as well to get to the inner pulp. Then, add a few spoons of shea butter to this pulp and mix well in order to turn the ingredients into a thick paste. The citric concentration of orange helps to slow down the natural sebum production of your skin and eliminates all the unwanted particles trapped in your skin pores. Though shea butter itself is a bit oily, it keeps a check on the production of the natural oils needed by your skin. It even adds a certain natural glow to your face that will make you look youthful and lively.

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