Nothing fills us up as much as a bowlful of oats for breakfast, yay or nay? A source rich in fibre, Omega-3 fatty acids as well as iron; oats provide ample nourishment to our body. But did you know that oats can be food for your skin too? Here’s a low-down on how oats can metamorphose your skin.
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Reduces acne

One of the biggest reasons why you have acne-plagued skin is because your pores are clogged with dirt and grime and excessive oil due to your sebaceous glands going into an overdrive. When pores are clogged, it often means the sighting of blackheads and whiteheads, which when not controlled can lead to unsightly pimples. Think this is the story of your skin? Well, make a promise to exfoliate with an oatmeal scrub as this will ensure that all the dead skin as well as bacteria is drawn out of your skin. Moreover, oatmeal has the power to remove excess oil from the skin as it contains natural cleansers called saponins. Just boil some oatmeal till it softens and let it cool down. Apply this on the acne zones of your face and rinse off after 10 minutes.

Acts as a moisturising agent

Oats contain beta-glucan, a natural compound extracted from plants that enters deep into the skin and moisturizes the skin from within. Moreover, this also stimulates collagen production, the protein responsible for keeping your skin youthful and supple. So, in a way, oats also help reverse the signs of ageing. Just add half cup of milk to 3 tablespoons of oats, mix this well and apply it on your face and neck thrice a week.

Relieves itchy skin

Oats, when applied on the face, can help calm itchy skin. The best part about oats is that it works for every skin type and has anti-inflammatory properties. Hence, it can do wonders for dry and itchy skin. All you have to do is grind the oats into fine powder and pour it into a cheesecloth and hang it around your faucet while you draw a tepid bath.  So go ahead and say no to itchy skin with this easy process, girls!