Summers are all about having bowls of watermelon and feeling refreshed. But did you know that these juicy fruits can actually do wonders to the skin and hair? The next time you buy watermelon, eat some and massage the rest onto your face if you want healthy, beautiful skin. With 92% water and lots of vitamins, this fruit is sure to make you look gorgeous. Read on to know how it works.
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Keeps skin hydratedWatermelons have 92% water, so consuming this fruit ensures that the body is well-hydrated. When the body is hydrated enough, the skin looks firmer and tighter, which means there is more production of collagen. So, naturally, this will revitalise the skin and help you look younger.

Fights age issues

Free radicals present in the body are the reason behind signs of ageing—wrinkles, dark spots and more. Watermelons contain antioxidants like lycopene, Vitamin A and C, all of which save the body against the destructive effects of free radicals. So apply some mashed watermelon on to your face thrice a week and see how it transforms your face for the better; it’ll slowly but surely prevent cell and tissue damage, which is the main cause of ageing.

Closes pores

Watermelon, when applied on your face, works as a toner. When used by itself or even with rose water, watermelon has the ability to cleanse your skin by unclogging pores and leave it looking taut and healthy. Plus, no prizes for guessing that it also deeply hydrates the skin both inside and out.

Boosts hair growth

Watermelon contains phytonutrients called citrulline, which increases the level of arginine in the body. Confused? Well, arginine is nothing but an amino acid that is known to improve blood circulation in the scalp, making the hair grow faster and stronger. So if you want healthy tresses, consuming watermelon regularly could be a great idea.