They pout, they pucker and when they’re not doing either, you spend a significant part of your day putting them to good use. So there’s really no reason why your lips shouldn’t ‘pop’, whether it’s with a little help from some colour or without. For a head start, here’s our list of ingredients that your lips will love to love.
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Pro Vitamin B 5
The anti-stress vitamin, Pro Vitamin B5 will give your lips all the TLC they need. Chemically speaking, Vitamin B5 or Panthenol as it is known can pull water up to the skin keeping it thoroughly hydrated and moisturised. It also scores radically high when it comes to anti-ageing skills by aiding in the production and generation of new cells. When combined with the goodness of Vitamin E, it fights discolouration and tanning. 
We love: For that no-nonsense lip care we can always trust the Vaseline Lip Therapy Original loaded with Petroleum Jelly to keep our lips feeling glossy smooth all day long. The added SPF 15 sun protection does us all kinds of good.

Aloe Vera
The magic herb we all know and love is an absolute favourite with our lips as well. This wonderful plant has properties that help in nourishing and hydrating skin by infusing skin cells with much needed moisture. Its anti-oxidants improve skin firmness making lips look visibly healthier and banish nasty discolouration to leave you with a near-perfect pout.
We love: When lips are irritated and need some gentle healing care, we always wear The Vaseline Lip Therapy in Aloe Vera that replenishes them with all the moisture they need.

Rose Oil

Considered to be an “essential oil” during the Greek, Persian and Roman times, Rose Oil is, indeed, one of the most refined and potent, natural beauty ingredients today. Its complex combination of vitamins, minerals and antiseptic properties help to soothe and refine skin and lock in moisture. The anti-oxidants help to repair discoloured skin and its inherent anti-inflammatory properties make it the perfect cure for dry lips.
We love: When the goodness of almonds and rose oil come to your rescue, you can only expect the best things to happen to your skin. Hence, you will find The Vaseline Lip Therapy in Rose in our beauty box. It lends a natural, pinkish tinge to our lips as well and we absolutely love that.

Cocoa Butter
Who can escape the decadence of cocoa butter, especially if it’s packaged in the form of your favourite lip balm? Your lips will immediately take to the deep hydration that cocoa and shea butter provide. Cocoa butter in its purest form is known to melt at room temperature. When packaged in lip care, it dissolves into your skin and forms a protective layer over your lips. It also helps in the regeneration of skin tissue making it the #1 yummilicious contender that’ll make lips super soft and smooth.
We love: Cocoa butter has us at its delish taste and yummy smell. After all, who doesn’t want lips that are good enough to eat! The Vaseline Lip Therapy in Cocoa Butter with added Vitamin E is our perfect choice for deep conditioning the pout.