4 signs you have dry skin

written by Team BB on Sep 10, 2018

With winter coming, it’s important to start prepping your skin for the harsh and cold weather. But before you start stocking up on all your creams and lotions, take a minute and read on to know if you have these symptoms of dry skin...

Cracks and fine lines

Nobody wants to have ugly lines on the corners of their lips or under their eyes. These delicate areas are the first to be affected when you suffer from dry skin and are a clear indication of lack of moisture and nourishment. Not paying attention to these signs of dryness can eventually lead to cracks which can start to bleed overtime.

Skin tightness

The uncomfortable feeling of tightness especially when smiling or frowning is a clear indication of dry skin. The feeling of lack of elasticity after hot shows, swimming sessions or washing your face is when your skin is stripped of natural oils and moisture.

Itchy feeling

Dry skin causes itching and irritation which can lead to redness or inflammation. One can use a body oil or moisturiser to sooth the skin however if you continue to feel skin irritation it’s advisable to consult a dermatologist.

Scaly Skin

Youthful skin can often feel wrinkled and aged, with a white layer formed on the top of the skin. This is a clear indication of dryness. If suffering from this, it’s best to stay away from excessive washing of your face and taking hot showers.