5 Treatments You Should Stop Doing At Home Now That Salons Are Open

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
 5 treatments you should stop doing at home now that salons are open

The lockdown may have left you with tons of blackheads on your nose, overgrown brows and an awful lot of grey strands. But not anymore. One of the first things to have opened in the first unlock phase is salons. And while it may sound a little risky considering the beauty industry involves physical contact, most salons in the city are taking every possible measure for the safety of the customer and their staff.

While most of us took matters into our hands and ended up tweezing our brows, colouring our hair and opting for DIY face masks to treat skin woes, with salons now open, it’s time to leave certain beauty services for the professionals. Here are five treatments you should stop doing at home as they ruin your skin and hair.


01. Blackheads extraction

05. Waxing

Pesky little dots on your t-zone can be pretty annoying. Although tiny can make your skin look dull. However, extracting them yourself is a risk you should never take. If you’ve tried it, you’d know what we are talking about. For those who left them alone, good job, because you may have ended up pushing them further into the skin, or worse — infection and scarring.


02. Hair colouring

05. Waxing

Hiding a few grey strands using box dye is no biggie, but do not try to give your hair a major colour change at home. Permanent colours are something that you shouldn’t be playing around with, especially when it comes to something as fragile and important as your tresses. The chemicals in these dyes can make your hair extremely frizzy and even lead to hair fall. Also, if not done right, you might end up with a brassy looking colour that will require another treatment to fix; thereby, completely ruining the health of your hair. So, now that you can get a professional to colour your hair — we recommend you don’t take matters into your own hand.


03. Trendy haircut

05. Waxing

Did you try to cut your own bangs and ended up with being majorly disappointed (I can’t be the only one)? Or trimmed off the split ends only to realise you’ve cut your hair a little too short? We get you, girl. But now that salons have reopened, save yourself the distress and go visit a professional hairstylist to get that trendy haircut you’ve been dying to get.


04. Multi-step facials

05. Waxing

At-home facials are great — that is if you know how to do them right. But when there are one too many steps involved, it is best to leave it to a professional. Plus, facials are supposed to be relaxing; what’s the joy in doing your own facial, right? Call up your nearest Lakme Salon and book an appointment right away to ensure both great skin and strict safety measures.


05. Waxing

05. Waxing

If you’ve tried waxing your own hands or legs, you will know that it can be a pretty messy job. Plus, some areas are pretty hard to reach. Shaving is not an option — it can lead to ingrown hair and won’t give you that smooth-to-touch feeling. So, instead of taking the risk of burning your skin with very hot wax, let an expert do it.

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