Micellar water has become an obsession among skincare addicts and not because it’s just another exciting product on the block. There’s a reason why skin obsessives swear by this beauty hero but not everyone is aware of its many benefits. Besides removing makeup and impurities, it can do a hell lot more and change your skincare game forever.

You’ll find a bottle of micellar water sitting in the cabinets of celebrities, models and skin experts. Let us tell you why you should add it to your beauty shelf too. From hydrating to toning, here are five amazing benefits of micellar water for your skin. 

5 benefits of micellar water

Removes makeup like magic

This one’s obvious. It removes makeup, duh! But, what you didn’t know is that it removes heavy-duty, waterproof makeup in just one quick swipe. It is made from tiny oil micelles that are suspended into the water, which trap and lift makeup, sebum and impurities off the skin like a dream. Simply pour some micellar water on a cotton pad and swipe it all over your face to get all the grime and makeup off. 

5 benefits of micellar water

Doubles up as a toner

It not only cleanses your skin of oil and dirt but also tones your skin and unclogs pores. It does the job of a toner but with an added benefit—it doesn’t strip the skin of its natural oil as a toner. Swap your toner for micellar water to get rid of every last bit of dirt and impurities and leave your skin toned and fresh. 

5 benefits of micellar water

Hydrates and nourishes

This beauty staple is a non-drying alternative of your makeup remover. It has an extremely lightweight formula and doesn’t have any drying agents like alcohol and soap that leave your skin dried out. In fact, it contains water and oil which makes your skin look dewy, fresh and hydrated from within.

5 benefits of micellar water

Cleanses skin

Not just clean; it leaves your skin squeaky clean. It is the one-step solution for getting rid of stubborn makeup, cleansing and toning your skin. Plus, you don’t need to rinse your face after using this product since it’s water-based and doesn’t leave your skin greasy, tingly or tight.  

5 benefits of micellar water

Suits all skin types

Micellar water comes in different variants with different formulas and ingredients infused in it. Since it is a water-based cleanser, it is mild, non-irritating and perfect for sensitive skin. The fact that it doesn’t leave skin dried out or tight makes it a fit for dry skin too. And, it is also apt for oily and combination skin as the cleansing agents fight sebum and leave the skin feeling non-oily and clean.