Just like your body, your skin too requires it’s daily dose of vitamins and nutrients. While you might be consuming a vitamin-rich diet, the vitamins in your food are mainly absorbed by the body and only a little reaches your skin.

The most effective way to supply vitamins to your skin is by adopting a vitamin-infused skincare routine. Here are five vitamins that should be in your skincare products if you want healthy and glowing skin.


01. Vitamin A

01.	Vitamin A

The first and most essential of the lot is vitamin A. In its purest form, it is also known as retinol. If premature ageing and dark spots are your major concerns, it means that your skin is lacking this vitamin. The deficiency of vitamin A leads to pigmentation and breakouts. This is a common ingredient found in a lot of serums and night creams as it stimulates collagen and fibroblast production, both of which are vital in keeping the skin healthy and young.


02. Vitamin C

02.	Vitamin C

Antioxidant-rich vitamin C should be a part of every woman’s skincare routine, that’s what every skincare expert we’ve ever met says. The reason why this vitamin is considered to be so important is because it helps produce collagen which is essential for younger-looking and plump skin. However, while dealing with sensitive skin you need to be careful as vitamin C is acidic in nature. We recommend talking to a dermatologist before introducing this vitamin in your skincare routine.


03. Vitamin B3

03.	Vitamin B3

You already know the beauty benefits of salicylic acid and glycolic acid but did you know that B3 also known as Niacinamide helps in refining the texture of the skin? Vitamin B3 slows down the supply of melanin to the surface of the skin thereby preventing and treating hyperpigmentation. That’s not all, it works wonders for those with oily skin by regulating the sebum production and controlling excessive oil.


04. Vitamin E

04.	Vitamin E

Vitamin E is the knight in shining armour for those with extremely dry and sensitive skin. A powerful antioxidant, this vitamin is essential to protect the skin against the harmful rays of the sun. When you use a product infused with vitamin E, it absorbs the harmful UV light, pollution and other environmental stressors by preventing them from penetrating into the skin.


05. Vitamin K

05.	Vitamin K

In the list of essential skincare vitamins, vitamin K is the unsung hero. This important vitamin prevents the formation of blood clots and promotes blood circulation which makes it an excellent ingredient in eye creams. Vitamin K tackles all the skin problems that arise due to circulatory problems - dark circles, stretch marks and spider veins to name a few.