Healthy skin is more difficult to maintain than you think. Finding time for intensive skin care is next to impossible with our hectic schedules. But you can still manage to pamper your skin with little things that will help you maintain good and healthy skin. It’s these little things that will also help you delay natural aging and also prevent various skin problems. Unlike the other body systems, your skin is always exposed to the environment, which includes pollution, germs, oils, heat and other potentially harmful substances. Skin is incredibly complex with multiple layers of tissues, collagens and glands. Which is why your lifestyle is the biggest factor that influences your skin. Read on as we tell you about 5 healthy skin habits that will keep your skin in good healthy over time…

Benefits Of Healthy Skin

Benefits Of Healthy Skin

A flawless complexion is more than just about looking good. A flawless skin is also healthy skin. When you see someone with a polished look, it means that the skin barrier is intact. The stronger structure of your skin means that few microorganisms will penetrate the skin and it also results in fewer breakouts, irritation and less sensitivity.

When you have a moisturised skin, it means you have the best level of skin health. Wearing moisturising is like wearing a rain coat during the rains. It keeps the moisture in, but as soon as you remove it, the moisture disappears and you must reapply. You have to teach your skin to regulate its moisture content so that it can easily adapt to seasonal or climatic changes.

A skincare product doesn’t influence hormonal fluctuations but the hormonal changes can cause a reaction on your skin. This can cause inflammation and its best that you treat that. When you have high oestrogen levels your skin produces more sebum. As soon as the skin starts to produce more sebum and this ensures fewer microorganisms living on the skin and ensures fewer breakouts.


Why Is Skin Care Important!

Why Is Skin Care Important!

Who doesn’t like fresh vibrant and lively skin! It signifies that you take good care of your health internally and externally. Good skin care is essential for graceful aging. When you are a baby you have smooth, soft skin that is wrinkle free and moist. But over time the harsh elements wear on your skin that makes it dryer and tougher. Hence it is essential for your to take of your skin well so that it can slow down the harmful effects of time and the environment.

Skin consists of three layers. The inner most layer is subcutaneous tissue. The tissue in this layer contains fat cells that insulate the body. The middle layer is the dermis that contains the connective tissues. The outermost layer of skin is called epidermis. The purpose of this skin layer is to protect the inner skin from environmental contaminants. The cells in the epidermis travel from the inner most part of the surface, flaking off once they reach the top. This makes the cells in epidermis thin over time. Less collagen produces lose in elasticity. This can be a reason for sagging and wrinkled skin.

The number of swear glands can decrease over time leading to dry skin. As people age, these cells in subcutaneous layer becomes smaller and can also contribute to sagging and wrinkling. This is why good skin care is highly important. Make a daily routine for your skin and ensure that you follow it every day. This will ensure your skin to be healthy and avoid early aging.

Good skin care requires cleansing and moisturising. Cleansing can help in removing dirt and dead skin cells. It also helps in preventing pimple or acne. Cleansing can dry out your skin and cleansing removes the oil on the skin and keeps the moisture intact. As far as moisturiser are concerned, it restores water to the skin and protects the skin.


How to get good skin and keep it healthy

How to get good skin and keep it healthy

Overtime skin health has become a superficial beauty phenomenon. But you have to treat it differently from the other body parts. Watch what you eat because that’s what you are putting in your body and that is what will reflect on your skin. Make sure you buy what is good for your skin as well.
Many things can reduce skin health problems:

  • Eating healthy food
  • Exercising on regular basis
  • Drinking at least 64 ounces of water per day
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Maintain a consistent and quality skin care regimen
  • Avoid harsh agents

1. Protect your skin from the Sun

1.	Protect your skin from the Sun

The most important way to take care of your skin everyday is to protect yourself from the sun. the exposure can cause wrinkles, age spots and many other skin problems. It can increase the risk of skin cancer. Make sure that you protect your skin from the sun directly every day.

Always use sunscreen: use sunscreen with the SPF of at least 15. Apply this every day and generously after every 2 hours. Do this more often when you are swimming and perspiring.

Avoid the sun between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., this is the time when the sun’s rays are the strongest and harmful.

When walking in the sun try to wear something that covers your body. Wear tightly woven long-sleeved shits, long pants and wide-brimmed hats.


2. Don’t Smoke

2.	Don’t Smoke

Smoking can make your skin look older and make way for wrinkles. Smoking can narrow your blood vessels of the outermost layers of the skin that decreases blood flow and also makes your skin look pale. It can deplete the skin of oxygen and nutrients that are highly important for your skin health.

Smoking can damage the collagen and elastin, these are the fibers that give your skin strength and elasticity. The repetitive facial expression that you make when you smoke can contribute to wrinkles and blackening of your lips.


3. Eat Right

3.	Eat Right

Eating the right food can help your skin. Keep the consumption of milk and other dairy products to the least as they can trigger the oil production. Avoid consuming refined carbs like white bread, pasta and chips as they can make spots worse by fuelling inflammation. Add more whole grains, beans and veggies to your diet to prevent breakouts.


4. Clean Up After Workout

4.	Clean Up After Workout

Exercise is awesome! Not only for your body but also for your skin. Exercise improves blood circulation and helps bring he toxins to the surface. This makes your glow. But just don’t forget to shower or wash your face after a good workout. This will ensure that germs and dead skin cells don’t clog your pores. This is highly important, so make sure you do this when you are done with your exercises.


5. Beauty Sleep

5.	Beauty Sleep

Sleep for at least eight hours a day to give your body enough strength and time to repair and regenerate skin cells. This will ensure that your skin looks young and fresh. Your skin will thank you in future!