5 ways to treat and prevent maskne in 2021

Written by Urvi DalalJun 07, 2021

Wearing a face mask before stepping out of the house has become second nature to us. While it does protect us from the virus, it also causes several skin woes that are annoying to deal with. If you’re noticing tiny bumps or breakouts from wearing a mask, you’re not alone. Mask related acne, aka maskne, is a common side effect of wearing a face mask.

But fret not; there are ways to deal with maskne. Scroll down for five super-effective maskne treatments that you can try in 2021.

01. Use a gentle cleanser

Maskne is caused when dirt, oil, sweat, heat and bacteria get trapped between your skin and mask and have no way of escaping. This ends up irritating your skin and leads to breakouts around your mouth. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that you wash your face with a gentle cleanser before and after wearing a mask. A gentle cleanser will eliminate impurities, unclog the pores and reduce the chances of acne.

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02. Using a soothing moisturiser

When you’re experiencing breakouts, you may feel that applying a moisturiser will make matters worse; however, that’s far from the truth. This is because the constant friction from face masks coupled with the trapped impurities can strip your skin of its natural oils and damage the skin barrier. Don’t forget to protect and nourish your skin by applying a layer of a soothing, lightweight moisturiser. Not only will this reduce friction, but also calm irritation and strengthen the skin barrier to prevent future breakouts.

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03. Wear sunscreen at all times

Since most of your face is covered with a mask, you might be tempted to skip applying sunscreen. But know that sunscreens do a great job at dealing with maskne. Not only do these babies protect your skin against sun damage, but they also prevent environmental aggressors from wreaking havoc on your skin. By reducing the impact of some of these barrier-damaging elements, sunscreen can truly help heal maskne quickly.

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04. Exfoliate regularly

All the trapped dirt, sweat, makeup, oil and impurities can end up clogging your pores. And since masks cover up your face and trap these problem-causing elements inside, it is important to exfoliate your skin regularly. Make sure to use a gentle exfoliator, especially if you have active acne or inflammation and exfoliate in a gentle circular motion to slough away dead skin cells and reveal clearer problem-free skin.

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05. Use the right kind of skincare ingredients

Lastly, when choosing your skincare products, it would do a world of good to look for certain ingredients like salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, zinc, thyme, etc. These ingredients help unclog pores, regulate excess sebum production and minimise the appearance of acne.