5 Types Of Scars, 5 Natural Remedies! Say Goodbye To Scars Once And For All

Written by Anjali AgarwalSep 16, 2023
5 types of scars, 5 natural remedies! Say goodbye to scars once and for all

Do you remember the time when your face became zit city right before a college party? Or remember when your parlour aunty burnt your face with hot facial wax? Nah-uh, nobody wants to remember that and certainly don’t need a scar to remind you! However, these mishaps do occur and leave you with long-lasting scars that will make you curse your parlour aunty every time you see them.

Good news! We have a natural solution for each type of scar or mark on your skin. Here are five common scars and how to deal with them using natural ingredient.


Acne scars

Pigmented marks

The most common and probably the most frustrating too, acne scars don’t leave you alone even if you manage to get rid of acne. They are often red or black bumpy marks on your face, back and neck and can really bring you down. Honey has long been used as a spot treatment for acne scars because of the antioxidants and healing properties present in it. Apply honey as it is or mix some lemon juice to make acne scars fade away.


Burn marks

Pigmented marks

Got yourself burned by hot wax or cooking oil? We have all been there, done that! Burn marks take forever to go but some super ingredients with cooling properties can help get you there faster. Try a cold compress using ice cubes for a couple of minutes and then massage with aloe vera gel every night before going to sleep. It helps heal the skin tissue and lighten the mark.


Stretch marks

Pigmented marks

A type of scar which is caused due to expanding and contracting skin, most commonly due to pregnancy and fluctuations in weight during puberty. Potato juice can help reduce the marks, thanks to the lightening enzymes in it. Cut a potato in half and massage it on the stretch marks and leave it to dry. Wash off with lukewarm water and repeat every day.


Injury marks

Pigmented marks

Not just accident marks, but scars caused by surgery, shoe bites and other hypertrophic scars can disappear for good by using coconut oil. Packed with fatty acids, this wonder ingredient can literally fix all your problems, be it skin or hair. It is a no BS formula to lighten scars and speed up the healing process. Rub coconut oil on affected areas and let it absorb into the skin. Do it every day and the appearance of scars will minimise with time.


Pigmented marks

Pigmented marks

A result of sun damage, insect bites and diseases such as chicken pox, the scars form due to trauma to the skin tissue. They can be dark patches or depigmented spots on your face. To get even-toned skin and reduce these marks, dilute apple cider vinegar and water in equal parts and apply to the marks. Rinse and moisturise. Do this twice daily to get spotless skin.

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