Lip liners, kajal, eye shadows and bronzers have all multi-tasked as more than a single-use beauty apparatus. But the list shouldn’t just stop at that, should it? We took our all-time favourite beauty product – the Vaseline Lip Therapy lip balm -- and went out on a limb putting it to good use, everywhere but on our lips. Here are our discoveries.
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Shimmer Shadow
Not too many of us carry eye shadow around, but many of us are encountered with the last minute night out. At times like these, let your lip balm rescue you. Dab some onto your eyelids and maybe even under your brow bone and spread it out. The right amount of glossy sheen makes your eyes look sultry and bright. In addition, the balm won’t brush off easily and touch up will take only under a minute.
BeBeautiful Tip: Use the Original Vaseline Therapy that’s colourless and loaded with petroleum jelly for a glossy shine.

Cuticle Control
If you’re one of those whose nails are always polished, lip balm should be your best friend. Give your nails a rest and refuel those cuticles by applying some lip balm on them every now and then. It’ll hydrate the nail bed and soften your cuticles. Keep this up for a few weeks and you’ll be saving yourself quite a few visits to the salon for manicures.
BeBeautiful Tip: The Vaseline Lip Therapy Aloe Vera with Aloe is an ideal way to replenish dull cuticles.

Eyebrow Envy
Heading out? Pat your eyebrows down to shape by applying some lip balm on them. It’ll make them appear thicker, darker and more defined. You’ll also notice that they actually do stay put during the course of the night. Plus, no need for an eye-brow pencil!
BeBeautiful Tip: We recommend the Original Vaseline Therapy that’ll do the job in just a dab.

Elbow Shine
You forgot to moisturise (again) and now you’re walking around with elbows that look like they’re dipped in chalk powder. Pull out your lip balm, rub it on the affected areas and voila! The good thing about this is that you’ll never miss a spot and the consistency of the lip balm will ensure deep moisturisation. You can even use this trick if you’re got yourself an unexpected and nasty paper or razor cut.
BeBeautiful Tip: The Vaseline Lip Therapy in Cocoa Butter with Cocoa and Shea Butter can soften sore skin.

Tame those tresses

Most of the times, there’s no taming those baby hairs that insist on popping out of your bun or pony tail. If you don’t have your styling products handy, dab some lip balm on the ends and secure them in place. It’s a temporary yet effective measure to keep your hair looking neat.
BeBeautiful Tip: The Original Vaseline Therapy can make those unruly flyaways manageable.