5 Reasons Why Overnight Masks Should Find A Place On Your Beauty Shelf

Written by Urvi DalalSep 16, 2023
5 reasons why overnight masks should find a place on your beauty shelf

Raise your hand if you feel that living in the city causes a great deal of damage to your skin. Do you feel like despite all the precautionary steps you take, your skin still does not improve? 

Dirt, pollution, exposure to the sun can damage your skin and make it look lacklustre. A CTM routine at the end of the day is not always enough and your skin requires more nourishment. This where overnight masks come into play. Read on to find out why overnight masks are such a blessing...


Intensely treats your skin

A night mask helps lock in nutrients

It is no news that your skin heals, repairs and rejuvenates itself while you sleep. So when you use an overnight mask, it helps your skin replenish itself better. Use a mask depending on the skin concern you need to fight; there is a mask for everything - from dryness to ageing. these masks treat anything and everything under the sun.


Allows for deeper penetration

A night mask helps lock in nutrients

A normal face mask is meant to be on your skin for not more than 20 minutes, while an overnight mask stays on your face for about 7-8 hours. This allows deeper skin penetration and works like a miracle to target skin issues.


Restores skin moisture

A night mask helps lock in nutrients

If you have dry skin or seasonal dry skin issues, overnight masks tend to prevent your skin from looking dehydrated and sallow. They intensely nourish and moisturise your skin to keep dehydrated skin at bay.


Is the quickest way to great skin

A night mask helps lock in nutrients

A night mask is the easiest way to deliver your skin with all the necessary nutrients. If you do not have the time for an elaborate night time skincare routine on a particular day, then just applying a sleeping mask after thoroughly cleansing your skin and you will wake up to great skin the next morning!


A night mask helps lock in nutrients

A night mask helps lock in nutrients

A sleeping mask works best when paired with an otherwise amazing skincare routine. Therefore, it is best if you continue using all your creams and serums, if you want to see great results. When you apply a sleeping mask as the last step of your night time skincare routine, it seals all the other products so that they work a lot better.

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