5 Skin Care Tools To Add To Your Beauty Routine

Written by Dayle PereiraSep 21, 2018
5 skin care tools to add to your beauty routine
There’s no denying that every girl wants skin that’s healthy and radiant. While she may try multiple products and homemade concoctions in the hope of getting it, sometimes she needs to call on technology to give her skin care routine that extra edge. Enter: Technologically advanced top-notch beauty tools that show results! If you’re the kind who is willing to take this leap and move beyond the usual beauty routine, here are the top 5 skin care tools you can try…

Pimple extractor

Ice roller

Don’t you hate it when you have a visible pimple on your face but it just won’t budge? That’s probably the worst kind of purgatory a beauty addict can face! However, a pimple extractor can change that. The tool has circular sections on either end, which are placed around the pimples for the visible black or white head to be squeezed out through the centre.

Keep in mind though, it might be wiser to use some steam and open the pore before you use the tool in order to make the extraction easier.


Facial cleansing brush

Ice roller

Probably the most popular facial tool out there, the cleansing brush comes in all shapes, sizes and colours. Created for the purpose of brushing impurities off the skin on your face, the brush does more than what a pair of hands can do as it goes deeper into the skin to get rid off grime.


Foot massager

Ice roller

Let’s not forget that our feet are our most hardworking limbs, hence, they deserve a massage at the end of a long day. So if you’re the type who enjoys a good DIY pedicure, a foot massager can be the perfect addition to your kit. The coarse roller is also electronically operated to scrub away even the toughest skin with minimal effort on your part, making it a win-win for your feet!


Electric trimmer

Ice roller

When you cannot avoid your unsightly facial hair any longer, turn to an electric trimmer. Designed to trim the facial and sensitive area upto a certain length, an electric trimmer is dependable and simple to use yourself. Especially if waiting for your next salon appointment is taking far too long, this one’s a great bet!


Ice roller

Ice roller

Whether you partied too much the previous night or spent far too much time on a TV show binge, you’ll know the difficulty of facing the next day with swollen eyes and puffy skin. However, now you can leave it to an ice roller. The handheld tool comprises of gel and water based roller and uses the principle of ice’s low temperature to contract puffiness and reduce swelling. With even models and celebrities swearing by the renowned roller, you’ll never need to worry about a long night again!

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