5 ingredients that can do wonders for sensitive skin

Written by Sumona BoseJun 25, 2021

When it comes to putting together a skincare routine for sensitive skin, the one thing you absolutely have to get right is the ingredient list. Sensitive skin can often react to ingredients like artificial dyes, fragrances, preservatives, and even certain actives commonly used in skincare products. Which is why, you have to do a thorough scan of the ingredient list to rule out any irritants from the same. A good way to start your skin journey is to seek out ‘clean’ beauty products — they eliminate toxic, harsh chemicals and only use skin-loving ingredients in their products. Once you make the switch, look for these five ingredients in your clean beauty products that can do wonders for your sensitive skin.


Extracted from chamomile, bisabolol has excellent calming and soothing properties. Used in moisturisers and cleansers, it is known to boost your skin’s ability to heal itself, has anti-inflammatory properties and does wonders in fading marks and blemishes on the skin. So if these are some problems you’re dealing with, la bisabol-infused cleanser is your best bet.

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Rice Bran oil

A staple in the K-beauty world, rice bran oil is an extremely nutrient-rich ingredient to add to your skincare routine. Rich in vitamins B and E, squalene, ferulic acid, fatty acids and linoleic acid, it is a good pick to help maintain good skin texture and overall skin health. It is also known to be good at inhibiting hyperpigmentation and fighting premature ageing by strengthening your skin’s lipid barrier.

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Extracted from the comfrey plant, allantoin is a potent hydrator and soothing agent often used in products for sensitive skin. The ingredient has mild exfoliating properties, making it a good alternative to harsh AHAs and BHAs that may irritate your skin. Because of its skin resurfacing protein, allantoin is also a good ingredient to seek out if you are looking to start an anti-ageing routine for your sensitive skin.

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Oat Kernel oil

A good ingredient to see out for your acne-prone and sensitive skin, oat kernel oil is one of few non-comedogenic humectants that can be used to deeply moisturise blemish-prone skin. When used in the form of a moisturiser, this ingredient can help reinforce the strength of the lipid barrier of the skin and make it more resilient against environmental aggressors.

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Glycerin has grown in popularity in recent years because of its non-toxic and non-irritant nature. A strong humectant, glycerin helps trap moisture in your skin and keep it hydrated for long hours. This is beneficial for excessively dry and sensitive skin types who may find other heavier emollients too overwhelming to use on a daily basis.

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