5 Skincare Mistakes That Are Sabotaging Your Skin

Written by Urvi ShahJul 28, 2022
5 skincare mistakes that are sabotaging your skin

If you've noticed that your skincare regimen just isn't yielding any results, it's time to reevaluate what you've put together. Are you layering your formulas according to their consistency? Are you mixing incompatible actives together? Are you exfoliating too much? We've rounded up five of the most common skincare mistakes that are sabotaging your skin, and tips on how to fix them ASAP.


You're over-exfoliating

You're relying only on makeup wipes


Exfoliation is essential, but scrubbing your face frequently is just counterproductive. Even though the process sloughs off dead cells from the surface of the skin, over doing it can strip away invisible layers of protective cells that maintain the health as well as retain the moisture of your skin. Excessive exfoliation can lead to dryness and dehydration, inflammation, premature ageing, flaking, redness, irritation, sensitivity, and hyperpigmentation.

How to correct this skincare error: You must limit exfoliation to 2-3 times a week. If your skin is dry or sensitive, try chemical exfoliation. For oily, thick skin, physical exfoliation is ideal. Steer clear of abrasive scrubs and pick gentle ones like the Lakmé Blush and Glow Gel Scrub - Green Apple and Apricot. This one glides gently on your skin, gets rid of dirt, blackheads and dead skin cells to give you moisturised smooth and clean skin that glows.



You're using retinol in the day

You're relying only on makeup wipes

Retinol is an all-star ingredient that delivers anti-ageing properties to the skin. But it can cause skin irritation if exposed to direct sunlight. This is because retinol increases your sensitivity to the sun. Additionally, since it is unstable in the presence of UV light, it breaks down on exposure to the sun. This renders the product ineffective.

How to correct this skincare error: You must incorporate this formula into your night-time routine instead. Your body repairs, rejuvenates, and restores during the night. Retinol delivers maximum benefits to the skin in an uninterrupted environment like this.



You're mixing incompatible actives

You're relying only on makeup wipes

It's common for us to mix our skincare formulas to boost their potency, but some combinations just don't complement each other. These include AHAs and retinoids, vitamin C and retinoids, salicylic acid and retinoids, and so many more formulas we cocktail into a combination nonchalantly. These formulas can negate each other's effects, or even lead to skin damage.

How to correct this skincare error: When you're building a routine, make sure you've done your research on skincare mixology. If you are using two incompatible formulas together, keep alternating between them every day - or use one in the day and the other in the evening.


You're not layering your products correctly

You're relying only on makeup wipes

You need to follow an order to reap the benefits of each product. You cannot layer a moisturiser before a serum. A serum is thinner in consistency, and it won't be able to penetrate the moisturiser to seep into your skin. You cannot prime your face with a toner after you've applied an oil. And you cannot spot-treat your face after you've massaged a sunscreen into your skin. If you've noticed that your routine is doing nothing for you despite having invested in the best products, recheck the order of layering.

How to correct this skincare error: For your daytime routine, this is the order to follow: cleanser, toner, serum, eye-cream, spot-treatment, moisturiser, facial oil, and sunscreen. For your night-time routine: cleanser, toner, serum, eye-cream, spot-treatment, moisturiser, retinol, and facial oil.



You're relying only on makeup wipes

You're relying only on makeup wipes

Yes, they're convenient. And they get the job done when you're out and about. But these wipes don't cleanse your pores at all. They just smear your makeup around your face, and strip your skin's natural oils as well as protective layer, and lead to drying. And all that scrubbing can lead to inflammation too.

How to correct this skincare error: Use a mild cleanser with a no-rinse formula like Simple Kind To Skin Micellar Cleansing Water to remove residual makeup instead. Free from baddies like alcohol, parabens, dyes, artificial fragrance, etc., this one is perfect for all skin types, especially sensitive skin types.

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