Buying A Chapstick? 5 Things To Look Out For!

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
Buying a chapstick? 5 things to look out for!

Chapstick is a staple in every girl’s bag, but you may not find the perfect one in the checkout line at the convenience store. Picking the first chapstick you come across without reading its ingredients or benefits will do nothing for your lips, except keep them moisturised for an hour or so.

Like your skin and hair demand certain ingredients and products, your lips too want a little TLC. Thankfully, your lips aren’t too demanding; all you have to do is look out for these five things in your chapstick and you’re good to go!

buying a chapstick 5 things to look out for

Hydration and long-lasting moisture

The basic job of a chapstick is to keep your lips well-nourished, soft and smooth, so any chapstick would do. However, look for one that also provides long-lasting moisturisation. A chapstick that doesn’t need reapplication after every meal would be ideal.

buying a chapstick 5 things to look out for

Smell and flavour

Some girls love the fruity smell of a lip balm while others cannot use a product that has a scent of any sort. Therefore, it is wise to read the packaging to know which one won’t put you off. Imagine buying a chapstick and not being able to use it; a complete waste, right? Either way, play it safe with chapstick that is available in both, original and flavoured variants, like the Vaseline Lip Therapy chapstick.

buying a chapstick 5 things to look out for

Shine and colour

Gone are the days when chapsticks only offered lip protection, they have evolved and how! A little colour never hurt anyone, right? Try the Vaseline Lip Therapy  chapstick that has three tinted variants (read: Cherry, Strawberry and Apricot) apart from the original one to make your pout a little prettier. Acing that perfect no-makeup makeup look at work or college was never this easy!

buying a chapstick 5 things to look out for


Other than keeping your lips moisturised, the whole point of using a chapstick is to not have anything heavy on your lips when you’re going to the gym or running some errands. Therefore, invest in a light-weight yet effective chapstick that you can swipe on your lips without having to deal with that sticky or greasy feeling.

buying a chapstick 5 things to look out for

Gentle ingredients

Chapsticks that are infused with high grade oils such as almond oil and vitamin E will penetrate the skin easily and give you that deep moisturisation from within. Other gentle ingredients to look out for while buying a chapstick are shea butter and cocoa butter, which offer long-lasting nourishment.

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