5 Signs Your Skin Is Dehydrated And How To Deal With It

Written by Sumona BoseNov 30, 2023
5 signs your skin is dehydrated and how to deal with it

When it comes to skincare, the terms dry and dehydrated are often used interchangeably. But in reality, both of them have one main difference. While dry skin is a ‘skin type’ caused due to lack of natural oils (sebum), dehydrated skin is a ‘condition’ caused by the lack of water in your skin.

Yep, it is not just your body that can get dehydrated and thirsty; your skin, too, can get dehydrated. There are distinctive signs of when it does lack hydration. Here are five signs your skin is dehydrated and how to deal with it.


Signs of dehydrated skin

How to deal with dehydrated skin?

The major signs of skin that is lacking hydration are:

01.Itchiness - Both dry and dehydrated skin can feel irritated, but only the lack of water will lead to itchiness. This is because your body might be losing water through sweating caused due to excessive physical activity, caffeine consumption or dry weather. All of these factors often lead to itchiness.

02.Dullness - Dehydrated skin often looks parched and dull, giving an obvious indication that you need to hydrate it to improve its elasticity.

03. Sunken Eyes - An unusual sign of dehydrated skin is sunken eyes caused due to improper blood flow through the vessels. This also results in darker under eyes than usual.

04. Pigmentation around nose - Pigmentation, or shadows, around the nose are caused by excessive dryness in the indentations and is a sign of dehydration.

05. Appearance of fine lines and wrinkles - When you pinch dehydrated skin, it can turn wrinkly and take a while to bounce back. Ignoring dehydration can also lead to the appearance of fine lines due to a lack of lipid moisture.



How to deal with dehydrated skin?

How to deal with dehydrated skin?

Here are some effective ways of dealing with dehydrated skin:

01.Ditch the harsh cleansers - Dehydrated skin is sensitive to touch and can react to harsh facial cleansers. Switch to gentler formulas like a cleansing balm or the Lakmé Absolute Argan Oil Radiance Rinse Off Cleansing Oil to effectively clean your skin and nourish it at the same time.

02.Use essences and hydrators - Lightweight essences and hydrators have one job only — they quickly absorb into your skin and give it a dose of hydration that lasts all day long. Include a potent formula like the Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster in your routine. Infused with hyaluronic acid, panthenol, glycolipids and algae extract, this product will come in handy whenever your skin is feeling parched.

03. Lock in hydration with a thick cream -  An easy way to make dehydrated skin appear plump and supple is to lock in your skincare products with thick cold cream like the Pond’s Cold Cream Honey & Milk Protein Face Cream.

04. Keep your body hydrated - Consume at least eight glasses of water and limit the consumption of caffeine, alcohol and other dehydrating elements to keep your skin hydrated from the inside.


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