Do you catch yourself running to grab a smoke every few hours? Does this number increase when you’re having a stressful day? Whether you are smoking to destress or simply out of peer pressure, this habit is not doing you any good.

Sure, we are all aware of the health hazards that smoking causes, but did you know that smoking can also wreak havoc with your beauty game? From causing pre-mature ageing to pigmentation, smoking can completely ruin your skin game

Therefore on the occasion World No Smoking Day, we urge you to stub out that cigarette by reiterating the fact that smoking not only affects your health but also takes a major hit on your beauty game…


01. Under-eye bags

01.	Under-eye bags

Research claims that smokers are four times more likely to not getting a good night’s sleep and end up tossing and turning a lot more. The disruption in your sleep pattern leads to fluids collecting beneath your eyes. This results in the under-eye bags that you so hate so much.


02. Premature ageing

02.	Premature ageing

Who does not want firm and youthful skin? But if you smoke regularly, you might as well kiss good skin goodbye. People who smoke end up developing smoker’s lines. They are basically vertical lines around the mouth that occur due to pursing your mouth too often to draw on a cigarette.

Additionally, smoking also leads to an earlier than usual depletion in the collagen and elastin levels of the skin leading to premature ageing. Also, smoking constricts blood vessels hindering blood and oxygen flow, which then leads to slower cell renewal, as well as, faster ageing.


03. Darkens your lips

03.	Darkens your lips

Nicotine has many side effects and darkening of skin tissues is one of them. As mentioned before, smoking hinders oxygen flow. This combined with the iron and vitamin D deficiencies that many smokers have, lead to the discolouration of your lips leaving them a dark blue hue. What’s worse? This effect is permanent.


04. Stretch marks

04.	Stretch marks

Bet you did not expect this one, did you? Well, as mentioned earlier, smoking not only takes a major hit on the production of collagen and elastin but also damages the connective tissues in your body. All of this collectively leads to the development of stubborn stretch marks that you will find really hard to get rid of.


05. Skin cancer

05.	Skin cancer

Tobacco is extremely carcinogenic and with each cigarette you smoke, you’re exposing yourself to the risk of skin cancer. It puts you at risk of developing squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), which usually manifests on the lips of smokers. Smoking also leads to a lowered immune system that makes smokers more susceptible to other skin and health-related problems.