5 Ways In Which Your Mobile Phone Is Damaging Your Skin

Written by Dayle PereiraNov 04, 2016
5 ways in which your mobile phone is damaging your skin
With constant texts and numerous photos, your cell phone can often feel like another limb on your body. But it may surprise you that this modern digital treasure that you just can’t do without might actually be affecting your skin in ways you may not even know. The effects of a mobile phone can be wide and unfortunately, can impose in your skincare habits too! Wondering how? Here’s what you need to know.

Wrinkles creep in

Dry eyes

While on a texting spree, ever noticed how your face and neck cranes downwards to face your phone screen? This motion creates ‘tech-neck’ which puts a strain on your facial and neck muscles. Over time, tech neck leads to wrinkles near the jawline and the forehead. So chin up, ladies!


Transfers bacteria to your face

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Studies have shown that your cell phone can be dirtier than a toilet seat–disgusting yet true! This is because your phone comes in contact with many surfaces and substances like your hands, mistaken spills, makeup smudges and the inside of your bag. This causes a bacterial breeding ground which rubs off on your face and can lead to acne and inflammation. So keep a sanitising wipe handy when you’re on the phone.


Disturbs your beauty sleep

Dry eyes

Everyone is guilty of browsing through their cell phone just before hitting the hay. But even after you’re tucked in with your eyes shut, the blue light which was emitted disturbs your body rhythm and throws a wrench in your sleep cycle. So if you want a peaceful night of sleep, switch off and follow a relaxing night routine instead.


Heating up

Dry eyes

When you’ve been on the phone for too long, you’ve probably noticed that it begins to heat up. If that’s bad for the gadget, you can only imagine what it does to your skin! The overheating can increase the skin’s melanin production which can cause dark spots to develop on your face. Next time your phone heats up, that’s your signal to put it away.


Dry eyes

Dry eyes

The longer you stare at your cell screen, the more its blue light affects you. And it can happen with your eyes too! Not only does it interrupt your sleep cycle, it dries out the eyes which can lead to dark circles and puffy under eyes. Avoid this by stopping yourself from cell phone usage in a dark room and a strict sleep schedule.

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