Why go to the salon for something as basic as threading? Don’t furrow your eyebrows - we’re not asking you to grow out your upper lip, avoid grooming your eyebrows, or shrug off the peach fuzz on your face - although you should do you anyway. Think about it though - there are multiple ways you can rid your face of any traces of hair without a thread - or a stick of wax - hovering in front of you. Don't believe us? Forego the salon, and try these true-and-tested methods at home.


01. Shaving


Investing in a razor - a facial razor - is such a convenience. Shaving doesn’t remove the hair from the root, but a lot of people prefer the method because it’s painless - and you’re on your way to a well-groomed face within seconds. After layering your skin with a moisturising lotion or shaving gel, just go over the areas you’d like to razor off in the direction of the growth of the hair. Hold the razor at a 45-degree angle, and graze your skin with light, short strokes.


02. Tweezing


Tweezing is a go-to technique for taming the eyebrows. You can define them in whatever way you like by plucking out little hairs with a tweezer. It stings a little, but it removes the hair from the root. And it lasts four about three to eight weeks. Remember to pluck in the direction of the growth, and ensure you’re holding your skin taut while pulling out one hair at a time. You can go over your chin with a tweezer as well - in case there are stray hairs you’d like to remove.


03. Epilation


Epilation can remove hair for up to four weeks. It works in the same way as a razor, but it grabs multiple strands at the same time, and unplugs the hairs from the root. It smooths the skin over time, and eliminates shorter strands too. Epilators come in multiple sizes, so you can choose one that’s ideal for your face. Hold the epilator at a 90-degree angle. Ensure you’re holding your skin taut with your other hand. Go over your face with the tool in the direction of the growth. And graze your skin slowly. The process is a little painful, but there’s nothing a cube of ice can’t soothe.


04. Depilatory creams

Depilatory creams

Or hair removal creams. These products break down your hair. Before you overwhelm your face with an insane amount of cream, do a patch test on one area of your skin to rule out the possibility of a reaction - bumps, itchiness, or inflammation - from developing on the face. Wait for a minimum of 24 hours before you decide to go ahead with the method. Apply some cream on areas with unwanted hairs. Let it sit on your face for a few minutes - check the back of the packaging. Use a damp cloth to remove the cream, and rinse your face after.


05. Sugaring


Sugaring is far better than regular waxing. It’s gentle on the skin, not as painful, and delivers promising results to you. And it lasts six to eight weeks. Unlike waxing, it doesn’t stick to the skin, or remove the topmost layer of the skin either - the sugar binds to the hair instead of the skin. This technique doesn’t disturb the follicle on the inside of the skin; but if you have bumps, sores, or swelling on the face, skip sugaring. Make sure you’ve exfoliated two days before sugaring. All you need is a paste made from sugar, lemon juice, and water. In this method, unlike waxing, you apply the wax in the opposite direction of the growth, and flick it off in the natural direction of the growth.