There’s no denying that every girl dreads waxing. How many times have you tried postponing that salon appointment? Just as painful as that waxing session is what comes after—the rashes, the itchiness and ingrown hair! Here are a few ways to take care of your skin after that waxing session.
Don’t forget to moisturise

Don’t forget to moisturise

While waxing makes your arms and legs smooth, it can result in irritation and redness which definitely isn’t good news!
So, ensure that you use a moisturiser that has antiseptic properties. Natural ingredients likealoe vera will help soothe the inflammation. Sometimes flaky and scaly skin can also lead toingrown hair. So, ensure you slather on that moisturiser.

Exfoliating will help your skin get rid of all the dead cells and prevent ingrown hair. So make sure you exfoliate at least twice in a week. Ideally wait at least 3 days after waxing to exfoliate. You can even use a gentle homemade exfoliator. Make a paste of besan and lemon and scrub it over your skin 10 minutes before you shower.

Avoid the sun

Avoid the sun

After waxing, your skin is rather sensitive, so, you might want to avoid stepping out in the sun. Sensitive skin is more likely to be damaged. So, if you were planning to work on that tan, it’s a huge no-no! If you must step out, make sure you layer on the sunscreen. Also, don’t forget that hat and scarf!

Give your skin a boost
After waxing, you might notice rashes and inflamed skin, which can cause itching. One sure
shot home remedy to counter this is applying coconut oil. It will soothe the skin and
significantly reduce rashes, bumps and itching. Do this for at least one week after waxing.