5 Winter Skin Care Rules Your Dermat Wants You To Follow

Written by Chandni GhoshSep 18, 2018
Winters can be rather harsh on your skin, what with your skin feeling itchy, flaky and extremely dry. While moisturising is the key to beating winter skin problems, there are many other ways to prevent skin damage from the cold temperatures. We spoke to renowned Dermatologist, Dr. Aparna Santhanam who gave us an insight into caring for our skin during the winters. Following this guide all through the season will ensure that your skin doesn’t take a beating despite the dip in temperatures…

Moisturise, moisturise and moisturise

BB Recommends: A complete winter skin care regime

We’ve said this before and we’re saying it again—there’s no way out of moistursation in the winters. If you have oily skin, know that you need it just as much as those with dry skin. Dr. Aparna echoes this thought, “Choose moisturisers meant for your skin type but make sure you moisturise thoroughly all through the winters. Even the most oil producing areas like face, chest and back can get dry during this season.”


Focus on every area

BB Recommends: A complete winter skin care regime

We often moisturise our facial skin but miss out on feet, elbows, knees, etc. Dry, rough and flaky hands and feet are a common phenomenon during the winters and missing out on moisturising these body parts will only cause severe itchy skin and flaking. So make sure you moisturise every three hours.


Always rely on a lip balm

BB Recommends: A complete winter skin care regime

Dr. Aparna stresses on the fact that we often forget to keep our lips hydrated during the winters. You might be applying a whole lot of pigmented lip colour but your lips are really dying under it. “When the humidity levels drop, your lips get chapped quickly. Don’t wait for this to happen and start now if you really want to stay away from chapped, flaky lips and other such winter skin problems,” explains Aparna.


Keep your body hydrated

BB Recommends: A complete winter skin care regime

You might insist that you’re always moisturising by way of lotions and creams but is your body hydrated from inside? Only when your body is hydrated from inside will it be able to fight winter skin problems. Dr. Santhanam says, “Most of us don’t feel thirsty during the winters like we do in the summers so make sure you keep reminders and tell yourself to drink water every now and then.”


Include good fats in your diet

BB Recommends: A complete winter skin care regime

When your skin turns dry on the outside, you need to ensure that you’re consuming foods that will lock the moisture in your skin. Dr. Santhanam suggests including good fats in your diet, “Good fats like nuts, seeds, avocados, olive oil, etc help in lubricating the skin and prevent it from damage. That’s why you will often see people adding ghee to their chapatis during the winters to replenish the moisture in their skin.”


BB Recommends: A complete winter skin care regime

BB Recommends: A complete winter skin care regime

If you truly wish to adopt the above listed methods to stay away from winter skin problems, we suggest going with a complete winter skin care regime—one that will deeply moisturise your skin and help it fight the dip in temperatures. For your unsightly dark spots and rough skin, we think you should rely on the Pond's White Beauty Winter Anti-spot Moisturiser that works as a skin lightening treatment along with a cold cream to give you smooth skin. If you’re not too worried about your dark spots but think your complexion has turned darker with time and also wish to keep your skin moisturised in the winters, we suggest relying on the Fair and Lovely Winter Fairness Cream. This one contains advanced Multi Vitamins & Active Moisturisers that intensely moisturise the skin to keep dryness at bay. If you’re looking for a body lotion that keeps your skin hydrated for long hours, go with the Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Restore Body Lotion that’s formulated with glycerin, pure soya extracts and stratys-3 multi-layer moisture.

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