6 Bizarre Ingredients In Beauty Products

Written by Chandni GhoshOct 08, 2018
The beauty world is constantly evolving and while we are glad about that, it’s interesting to know that there are a variety of bizarre to gross ingredients used in cosmetics these days. Want to know what they are? Get ready to get grossed out as we present you this list...

Snail mucus

Bird poop

We know you’re making that disgusted face but it’s true—snail slime contains mucin, which is a group of proteins that are rich in amino acids—something that help in keeping your skin supple and soft. Want an even better reason why snail mucus is quite the popular skin care ingredient nowadays? It contains glycolic acid—an ingredient used in several beauty products. Would you put snail slime on your face for better skin?


Bee venom

Bird poop

Yeah, the thought of this gives us the heebeegeebees! But truth be told bee venom is actually a blessing for the skin. Why? Because it contains various enzymes and peptides that work their magic together to reduce ageing signs like fine lines and wrinkles. Moreover, it also stimulates the production of collagen—the protein that keeps your skin supple. Who would’ve thought bee venom could actually do that, right?



Bird poop

You must think we’re joking but it’s true, dynamite makes it to the bizarre ingredients in beauty products list. Diatomaceous earth is one of the most important components in a dynamite. As scary as this sounds, it is actually used in beauty products. Because of its hollow and porous nature, it is actually used as an exfoliating agent in various scrubs. Shocking much?


Cochineal beetles

Bird poop

Did you know that cochineal beetles are wingless insects that actually feed on cactus plants in South and Central American countries? But what makes this a powerful ingredient in cosmetics? These beetles excrete a red chemical known as carminic acid which when mixed with calcium salts turns a red potion known as carmine—something that is often used in red lipsticks. What do we think about it? We’d rather wear a simple red lipstick than have bee venom smeared on our lips.


Shark liver oil

Bird poop

Shark liver oil is also known as squalene, which is a chemical produced by living beings but it is actually taken out from shark livers and then used in skin care products as a moisturiser. Because of its hydrating powers, it is often used in lotions and other skin products to treat dry and itchy skin. If your skin is parched, remember that shark liver oil could actually do it for you.


Bird poop

Bird poop

We were rather disgusted too but anything can happen in the beauty world. If you’ve heard of the Geisha facial, you’d know all about bird poop. This facial is primarily done using nightingale excreta. Eww, right? But here’s what makes it so effective for skin care treatments—this poop contains nitrogen-rich urea and guanine, an amino acid that helps moisturise the skin along with maintaining its elasticity. Ever thought of that?

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