6 Do’s And Don’ts Of Shaving Your Underarms

Written by Chandni GhoshDec 13, 2018
You can hate it but you can’t ignore it—that’s armpit hair for you. Besides being a part of basic hygiene, shaving your underarms becomes an emergency situation when it’s too hot to cover up by wearing full-sleeved tees. That’s when you drag yourself and get to task. Since this is one of the most important parts of personal hygiene, we all agree that shaving armpits can be a wee bit tricky at times. To help you out, we’ve listed some do’s and don’ts that will ensure you never go wrong the next time...

Do apply talc before starting

Don’t wear fitted clothes

Remember that sweaty armpits won’t do it for you. You need to make sure your underarms are dry before you go in with the razor. For that, we suggest applying the Pond’s Dreamflower Fragrant Talc. This one is fragrant, makes your skin smooth and leaves it feeling soft—just what you need before a shave.


Don’t forget to exfoliate

Don’t wear fitted clothes

Remember that you need to exfoliate your underarms before starting out so your skin is smooth and there’s less dead skin. You can make a homemade scrub by mixing equal amounts of brown sugar, organic honey and lemon juice. Scrub your underarms gently with this mix and then wash off with lukewarm water.


Do shave in the right direction

Don’t wear fitted clothes

Shaving in the wrong direction can not only cause cuts but it can also lead to skin irritations and burns. Remember that you need to shave in the direction of the hair growth. This will give you a smooth shave on your underarms without harming your sensitive skin.


Don’t forget to clean the blade after every stroke

Don’t wear fitted clothes

Remember that every time you go in with the razor, the blade accumulates dead skin and dirt. So to avoid any kind of infection or allergic reaction, it is imperative that you rinse your blade before you go with a fresh stroke.


Do use a deo after

Don’t wear fitted clothes

Some of us have extra sensitive skin—we smell fries and get acne, we touch our skin and it turns red. Naturally then, when you’re getting rid of hair in your underarms using a razor, your skin might react a wee bit after. To avoid a situation like that, make sure rub ice over your armpits to soothe them. Once you’re done with that, spray a deo like the Dove Whitening Original Deo Spray that gives you a 48 hour reliable protection. The good news is that it’s enriched with Vitamin E and fatty acids that help rejuvenate the skin and remove the dead cells over time.


Don’t wear fitted clothes

Don’t wear fitted clothes

If you’re going to wear a bodycon dress that irritates your skin after a shave, you’re doing more harm than good to your skin. Remember to wear loose clothes and fabrics that don’t hug you tight so your skin is able to breathe after a shaving session.

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