The Perfect Guide To Shaving

Written by Chandni GhoshOct 17, 2018
We have to admit—when it comes to getting rid of unwanted hair, we’re lazy bones that stay miles away from a waxing session. For those times when we find an itsy bitsy dress hanging in our closet, we go for a shave. But there’s a way to ace this one too. Here’s what you need to do to ensure a smooth shave…

Swear by exfoliation

Finish off by moisturising

It is necessary to exfoliate before you start shaving your hands and legs because that will ensure that your skin is free of dead cells for a smoother shave. We suggest using a loofah and a mild soap to gently exfoliate prior to shaving.


Rely on a fresh razor after 3 uses

Finish off by moisturising

If you’ve already used your razor 3 times over, opt for a fresh one that won’t cause any irritation or infection on the skin. Ideally, go for a five-blade razor that will allow you to navigate easily rather than having to drag against your skin.


Keep your movement smooth

Finish off by moisturising

Make sure you do not take long strokes by going all the way from your ankle to the knee. Shaving should involve smaller strokes because you want it to go smoothly without hurting yourself. For those with extra sensitive skin, shave downwards first and then upwards.


Use a hair conditioner

Finish off by moisturising

If you truly want a smooth shave, opt for a conditioner to do the job. It creates ample lubrication for a razor to slide easily during hair removal.


Finish off by moisturising

Finish off by moisturising

Shaving can cause your skin to become dry and irritable. Hence, you need to ensure that your skin is well-moisturised after the process. We suggest you reach out for the enriching Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Soothe Body Lotion which contains pure aloe and stratys-3 multi-layer moisture to give your skin optimum hydration. The result? Skin that’s nourished, soft and supple.

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