6 Skincare Questions You Should Ask Your Dermatologist

Written by Team BBOct 04, 2018
When it comes to skin one size does not fit all because no two skin types are the same. This means that the same skin care treatment can’t suit everyone! Precisely why you need to consult a professional about the custom made requirements of your skin. Well, read ahead as we zero in on the five most basic and crucial questions you need to consult your dermatologist aka skin doctors with. All for the love of flawless skin…
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“What is my skin type?”

The most basic and crucial question to consult your dermatologist about is obviously locating your skin type. However specific your products may be, knowing your skin type and its requirement is priceless nonetheless.

“What is my skin most affected by; diet, weather, deficiencies or hormones? And what can I do to minimize the effects?”

The factors that affect your skin are many but locating which one is harming you the most, helps! Whether your skin problem is centered around your scars, acne or sun spots; getting a diagnosis on why it is so, will help you better your skin care routine.

“What diet is apt to suit my skin type?”

Let’s take an example here, in case you suffer from forehead acne the reason for it can be traced back to dehydration and imbalanced diet. Likewise most skin issues can be treated with a little tweak in your diet plan. All you need is a professional advice on what suits you and not.

“How does my skin react to the sun? What SPF level do I use?”

Different skin types react differently to the sun. Plus the amount of sun exposure these days leads to sunspots and other irregular skin issues, this is when you must run to the rescue of a dermatologist and have him keep a close eye on it.

“Does my skin need any additional nutrients, supplements?”

Some of your skin issues are food driven and can be treated by consuming certain nutrient specific foods. For example, foods that shoot up your sugar levels also cause your insulin levels to rise, which in turn leads to clogged pores and acne. On the contrary foods like berries are full of fibre and skin clearing antioxidants that regulate insulin production and help clear your skin.

“How can I create the best skin care routine for my needs?”

The best time to have a skin care routine in place is now, always! Consulting a dermatologist about the lifestyle, diet and product changes that you can make is always a good idea. This way you not only get your dermat to customise your skin care regime but also get to know at the earliest possible, what works for you and what does not!

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