No one likes fatigued, saggy skin. It’s true—some of the skin care and lifestyle habits you follow may be causing saggy skin without your knowledge. So if you want firm, healthy skin, here are 8 habits that you need to change right away.

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Some nights the most comfortable sleeping position is flat on your stomach with your head snuggled in your pillow. However, it could be doing you more harm than good as this position puts pressure on the face, especially on the cheeks and forehead. Over time, this can reduce the elasticity of your skin and cause it to sag.

Next is smoking, that everyone knows is a terrible habit for your body but few people know that it can affect the skin’s health too! Nicotine in cigarettes impairs blood circulation to the skin which hinders healthy cell functioning and causes premature sagging. The habit also overworks muscles around the mouth, further leaving the skin damaged.

How many times a day do you rub your eyes when they feel dry or uncomfortable? Too many to count, we’re sure. Unfortunately, this seemingly harmless action can cause saggy skin around the eye area. The action of rubbing and the force you use tugs the delicate skin around the eyes and in time, causes droopy skin. If your eyes feel uncomfortable, opt for eye drops or a cold splash of water instead.

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When you use the wrong skin care products, they fail to benefit your skin in any way. So even if ageing signs set in, the wrong skin care routine won’t prevent it. That’s why we recommend the Pond’s Age Miracle Firm & Lift range. It consists of the Face & Neck Lifting Day Cream, the Pond’s Age Miracle Firm & Lift Eye Contour Lifter and the Targeted Lifting Serum Massager. With InstantLift Complex and Intelligent Pro-Cell Complex, this range fights saggy skin on the Y-contour of the face and lifts bags from the under eye area. Together, they target every facial area to prevent sagging and give taut skin.

Whether you are listening to a story or watching the news, resting your hand on your cheek or chin is a comfortable position that you often revert to. However, this position exerts unnecessary pressure on the face which causes the fibres of the skin to stretch and sag. So the next time you’re watching a screen, make a conscious effort to avoid supporting your face with your hands.

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What you put in your body directly affects your skin health. So if you find your skin saggy and droopy, the excess intake of processed foods and those high in sugar and salt could be the root cause. These foods dehydrate the skin and affect its collagen which makes it loose and saggy. So make sure you supplement your diet with plenty of leafy vegetables, fruits and nuts.

You may be surprised to know that something as simple as frowning or squinting could also give you sagging skin. Yes, repetitive facial motions like furrowing your brow or narrowing your eyes can indent your delicate facial skin over time and leave it looser than before. Prevent this by checking your eyesight and consciously keeping your facial expression rested at all times.

A warm dose of sunshine can be inviting after spending all morning in an air-conditioned office but make sure you don’t step out unprotected. Any kind of exposure to sunlight is a sure-fire way to cause premature ageing. That translates to droopy eyes and saggy skin. No one wants that for sure so load up on the SPF before stepping out!