College is a wonderful time to experiment with your hair colour and try a new look. It’s also a great time to invest in your skin. You may wonder if skin care is even necessary at this age but trust us, it is. When you care for your skin early, expect to reap the benefits via a healthy, glowing visage later on in life. For that, all you need to do is follow these 8 skin care tips religiously.

Never forget sunscreen

Never forget sunscreen

Whether you are stepping out for a coffee run or a day-long field assignment, make sunscreen your staple and never leave home without it. We trust the Lakmé Sun Expert Fairness + UV Lotion SPF 50 PA+++ for the job. Its broad spectrum and 12 hour long wear formula shields the skin from both, UVA and UVB ways for your overall protection. Sun damage will have nothing on you!

Always remove makeup

No matter how late it is or how tired you are, don’t skip out on removing your makeup at the end of the day. Use a cotton pad soaked in the Lakmé Absolute Bi-Phased Makeup Remover to get it all off. Its dual layers of oil and water remove every last trace of makeup and hydrate the face while doing so.

Tank up

There’s a reason why you’ve heard this skin care tip a thousand times before—because it’s true! Drinking 2 – 3 litres of water every day helps rid toxins and waste from the body and leaves skin healthy from the inside out. To do so, never step out without a water bottle and try to take a few sips every half hour.

Cover up lightly

If you want even-toned, radiant skin, layer up with the Fair & Lovely BB Cream. This fairness cream has a hint of foundation which instantly gives the skin a natural layer of coverage and covers up dark spots. It also lends the skin a matte finish and leaves it instantly bright. What more could you ask for!


Wash it right

Wash it right

To keep dreaded pimples at bay, we recommend the Pond’s Pimple Clear Face Wash. It is made of Active Thymo-T essence, a potent blend of thyme and pine oil. This stops pimple causing bacteria and fights oiliness so that zits don’t make an appearance on the face. We’re sure this will soon be your skin care staple!

Don’t forget to tone

If you think that toner isn’t a necessary part of a good skin care routine, that’s where you’re wrong. Toner does the job of refreshing the skin, sealing the pores and preventing oiliness. We recommend the Lakmé Absolute Pore Fix Toner which is enriched with witch hazel. It removes remnant impurities and tightens the pores so that the skin is ready and set for the next skin care step.

Make a mask

A completely natural skin care secret to treat yourself to is a weekly face mask. Not only will it restore skin dullness but it will also leave your skin radiant and bright. Make one for your face by mixing together 2 tablespoons of cold milk with a pinch of turmeric and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. Apply it over your face and neck, leave it for 40 minutes and wash it away with warm water. You’ll soon find yourself with bright, nourished skin.

But first, moisturise

When it comes to moisturising your skin, there’s nothing like starting too early. So make sure you keep the Lakmé Peach Milk Moisturiser SPF 24 PA++ on hand. Made with a number of hydrating agents, vitamins and anti-oxidants, this moisturiser will keep your face hydrated, stop sun damage and give you oil-free, nourished skin.