How To Get Soft Pink Nourished Lips

Written by Niyati SharmaSep 16, 2023
How to get soft pink nourished lips

If you’re thinking of achieving soft, pink, plump lips, without paying extra attention to the skin around your mouth, then you're kidding yourself! But caring for your lips shouldn’t stress you out; it’s actually quite simple if you follow a good lip care routine. Keep reading to banish dark lips and say hello to soft pink nourished lips.

Step 01: First of all, get rid of the existing dead skin. For that, exfoliate your lips to help the skin regenerate and make way for a new layer of skin. Use a baby toothbrush to do this as the skin on the lips has no protective tissue, making it extremely sensitive. Apply some chapstick on the brush and gently scrub your lips. Wipe off with a soft cotton pad. Do this at least twice a week to see a difference.

Step 02: Water is bae, like literally. So up your intake of water because it not only keeps the body hydrated, but the lips as well. If you’re someone who forgets to drink water, download an app that keeps you on track with your daily water intake.

Step 03: Last but definitely not least, keep a good chapstick handy! Now I consider myself a chapstick connoisseur, with years of experience in using varied types of chapstick. So take it from me, this product is all you need. The all-new Vaseline Lip Therapy chapstick gives you upto 24 hours of moisturisation. It contains some essential lip care ingredients like Vaseline jelly, almond oil, shea butter, cocoa butter and Vitamin E. These lip-loving ingredients will ensure that your lips stay healthy, hydrated and nourished.

I carry this chapstick pretty much everywhere I go. It is the first thing that I apply on my face after a shower. I let it sit on my lips for a bit before I apply my lipstick to ensure my lips look and feel great! I also apply it at night after I have completed my skincare routine. Leaving it on overnight has made a huge difference to my lips. But that's not the first best part about this chapstick; it also comes with various colour tints, so depending on your mood, you can switch it up. Some days I like a little cherry, on others, strawberry, and sometimes even apricot. What I love about this chapstick is that is provides colour and care all in one!

Try out these tips to achieve soft, pink nourished lips and let me know how it works for you.

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