After too many months of paying way too much attention to our social life, our skin finally sent us a cry for attention (oh those nasty zits).  Along with a quick change to our makeup and fitness routine, we also treated our skin to the Papaya Fruit Facial at the Lakmé Salon. And boy, were we (our skin and us) thrilled! Here’s why we’re going to be making a routine of this skin treatment month on month…

papaya fruit facial for acne skin 430x550

If like us, you haven’t been paying too much attention to your skin, this treatment is just what the doctor ordered. Papaya is known to work its magic on skin when eaten as well as applied externally. It acts as a gentle exfoliant and its rich vitamin A and papain content help to get rid of dead skin cell build-up.

papaya fruit facial for dark spots pigmentation 430x550

This papaya facial is an excellent way to get rid of all the dark spots and pigmentation that summer might have left on your skin. It helps deal with discoloration to make your skin appear visibly brighter and with a lesser hint of a tan than before. In addition, since papaya is also low in sodium content, it’s an excellent way to hydrate your skin, especially if you have dry skin.

papaya fruit facial for ageing skin 430x550

The other amazing thing about this papaya facial is that it’s suitable for all ages. In fact, if you’re dealing with an early onset of fine lines and wrinkles, the AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) in papaya, one of the main ingredients in all anti-ageing creams, will come to your rescue.

papaya fruit facial for pimple skin 430x550

Apart from the obvious beauty benefits of papaya, the treatment starts with a brief but soothing back and neck massage that relaxes your muscles and put you at ease for the duration of the treatment and dang – does it do a damn good job of that!

The Papaya Fruit Facial is available at all Lakmé Salons and is priced at Rs. 850 (not inclusive of taxes.